He's Just Not That Into You

Ikmal's friends were doing Ramadan get-together dinner last night. I baked a red velvet for them for celebrating Virgo babies ;) Alhamdullillah, they finish the whole cake!!

On the way back he told me that a friend of him who had been in a relationship with his girlfriend for 10 or 12 years ask him how he decided to get married? don't get me wrong, he do loves me, he's just not the marrying type. everybody knows that. hence the confusion among his friends.

Well, he answered sooner or later we will all want to get married and settle down. but its the matter of time.

Remember Beth and Neil? My most favorite character in the movie. I love the fact that they ended up with each other. I was frustrated at one point with Ikmal like that, he's kind-hearted, not so good looking but okay, a great cook, very understanding etc but he has problem with the whole marriage idea.

being a typical girl i was, eager to be married... wonder when is my turn while watching my friends who one after another are married or getting married. can't help myself from envying them. i always pictured myself married by the age of 21. i am now 26 and not getting any younger.

i just want to be married so i can have legal rights to him and halal relationship. i don't pressure him much but i do hints him. his parents and my parents are the ones responsible for pressuring him.

which then remind me of this movie, Leap Year. You just cant help but to relate yourself with these movies. You may be lucky to get your man to kneel down on one knee to propose, but is the fairy tale happily ever after ending belongs to only you? How about the rest of us? How about me?

You know your partner better, whatever happens between the two of us stays within the two of you. we outsiders can only guess that you are the perfect couple or not.

I do not define my relationship as perfect or maybe near to perfect, because who are we to be perfect? nobody is but God. However, i do believe that we are perfect for each other.

Ikmal ask me the weirdest thing this morning, "Sayang, will you be doing the throwing of the bouquet? Alah... you know the thing where you throw the flower then the person who catches it will be the next to be married thing..."

a guy who hates wedding just ask that. what do you think of that? Hahaha

i then answered, "No, but do you want me to do that?"

he says, "Yes please, but please throw it to my friends? specifically a***."

please note that his friends are all guys. who like him believe that commitment not necessarily mean that you have to marry early. Most of them are in a relationship that range between 1 year plus until up to 10++ years.

I consider myself lucky all the time. I am blessed. I may not have the perfect proposal, but that doesn't mean that i do not deserve a happy ending. I'm a believer... not gullible... but a believer...

I believe in happy endings


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8 Responses to He's Just Not That Into You

  1. NahWaL says:

    apa aku nak cakap tadi eh. terus lupa. hah!!!


  2. ZARA says:

    hahahaha... boleh lupa eh? yolah exception!!! but flattered really

  3. harzharun says:

    *aku rs nawal lupa apa nak ckp sbb tbuai2 dgn entry ni..mcm aku jgk!..hehee*

    hurmmm....guys do have their own perception about marriage...jgn paksa2..sbb keinginan nak kawen tu akan dtg dgn sendri....we juz need to wait..dats the trill !

  4. wah, touching :'). i like the part about being the believer. good things come to those who wait. amin :)

  5. ZARA says:

    wah gitew!!!! terbuai2 ye? macam aku ni menyanyi pulak kan? hahaha... wait in agony... huahahaha

  6. ZARA says:

    freespirited12: amin! amin! naseb aku dah lepas... sekarang to wait for the day pulak. jangan lari tinggal aku sudah. hahahahaha

  7. si kecil says:

    camna bleh lmbt baca post ni..
    sweet lah zara..

  8. ZARA says:

    si kecil: better late than never... huhu