Hantaran arrangement

Yeahh i know it's hari raya and for me it's just another day. Sorry for the hiatus. I was busy baking and helping mom in the kitchen and entertaining relatives. I just wanted to share types of hantaran arrangement i like ;)

i know something like picture below is prettier idk... i kinda like arrangement like pictures above. it's simple not too ott. right? sorry for the so many 'like' in almost every sentence. My sister from singapore came back for Raya and we all kinda addicted to 'like' hehe

cute couple aye? love the bride's veil ;)

The rest of the pictures taken here

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3 Responses to Hantaran arrangement

  1. suka yang dalam kotak kaca tu.. cantik !!

  2. i pun suka like like BYK2. watched too many soap opera frm spore, dulu i have this 1 word, i pick-up n use it like crazy, now lupaaaaaaa!! HAHA

  3. ZARA says:

    nora: kan kan? tapi cam ott pulak

    huda: ikr? it's so addictive!