Charles & Keith Limited Edition Pink Collection

Well... hantaran edisi budget.

Charles & Keith is offering their Limited Edition Pink Collection.

Heels at RM119.90
Bag at RM99.90
Combination Set at RM199.90

Charles & Keith will be donating part of the total sale proceeds from the Pink Collection to benefit Pride Foundation.

While stocks last. For a limited time only.

29 Sept 2010 onwards

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So girls... what are u waiting for???

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22 Responses to Charles & Keith Limited Edition Pink Collection

  1. wahhhh harga sgt berbaloi2!!!!

  2. eika says:

    omg!! i loike!! harga reasonable ok!! lets grab it zara! ;p

  3. oh my! cantik sgt! i wantttttt~ terus serang C&K Penang weekend nih~

  4. thezaila says:

    omg!! this is beyond cuteness.. mahu juga..

  5. nuptiles says: pink so not for me...goood deal plus we can helps the needy

  6. ZARA says:

    farahfatihah: halo awak! berbaloi kan? suka-suka!

    eika: Loike! loike! let's eika! but beli untuk hantaran ke? or before wedding day dah pakai? haha

    purple lady aifa: serang!!!!!!!!!!

    zaila: mahu jugak? Serang!!!!!!!!!!!! huuhuhu

    nuptiles: i use to be pink, but since my fengshui lady said i should wear more yellow, i berpaling tadah.

    yup, to the Pride Foundation - a non-profit organization for breast cancer awareness in Malaysia.

  7. sk says:

    best!!! such a good bargain!!

    anyway, selamat memborong sakan di jakarta!! hehe

  8. what!!i lov all about it!!thanks for d info;)

  9. ZARA says:

    most welcome queen4aday!

  10. omfg! nk add up shoes collection in my closet boleh? :D thanks babe!

  11. waaa.. cantiknya...
    so cute...
    nak jugakkkk...

  12. Bai says:

    cute!!! C n K pun ok sekarang!!

  13. ZARA says:

    Aim: Boleh Aim, a girl can never own enough shoes!!!! most welcome!!!

    ann: nak? apa ditunggu ann? serang!!!!!!!

    bai: tu lah... ok je!!! i mean ok what! hahaha

  14. Owh, darn it!

    I already made my future fiance buy my bag and shoes from charles and keith for hantaran.

    Haisss... These are so santek ok.

  15. ZARA says:

    suzie: santek!!!!!!!!!

  16. byk lagi dlm closet yang dh lama tak pakai..kasut hantaran pon x pakai lagi T_T warghh but seriously i cant resist this

  17. eika says:

    hahah zara! tau2 je u~ kalau beli sah2 tak sempat jadi hantaran! ;p

  18. eika says:

    hahah zara! tau2 je u~ kalau beli sah2 tak sempat jadi hantaran! ;p

  19. Anonymous says:

    OMG..cun pink heels niiiiii

  20. ElyaElmo says:

    masih ade lagiii keeeee promoo ni yehhhh ????

  21. ZARA says:

    eika: pastikan sempat ye!

    Sarah: cute sangat!!!

    elya: dah takda kot =(