Breathtaking, lovely henna designs

Well... Im hairy. I follow after my dad. so not cool okay? Ikmal occasionally call me Bangla... huh... sumpah menyampah! So, no drawing on the back of my hand. it will only be on my palm and fingernails.

However, i do consider these designs.

maybe i should bleach my hairy hands first =p

For the design on the palm, here are some that are FULL

Almost Full?

This one is kinda cool. because it has the bride and groom's name on it ;)

How about this?

These two design are my favourite!!! so unique and different!!! Which i love!!!!

How about these??? Oddest design at the oddest places. There u go Azara Nur for wanting to be different ;) haha

or some glitter perhaps???

How about these??? awwwww.... geram!!!!

If only i have beautiful hands like my sis Amiza!! huh!! Jealous!!

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6 Responses to Breathtaking, lovely henna designs

  1. kay kamal says:

    mengong u takde hairy mane

  2. Moose says:

    zara, go get them waxed! like i did masa tunang dulu. i waxed the back of my hand and fingers. serious, the waxing lady cam pelik gile tapi pedulik ape aku..


  3. mysarah says:

    i kagum betul dengan org yg pandai ukir2 inai ni. berseni betul tangan dorang kan!

  4. liyana r. says:

    zara, i absolutely love the henna designs in the 12th & 15th photos. tbh, never wanted to have henna but somehow, now i want them on my palm. the problem is, my parents and my other half wont have any of it.. :( and being the obedient girl i am, i just gave in to them.

    seriously, i am contemplating with the idea of having the henna done secretly the nite before the solemnisation. hahaha. & if they ask the next morning, i'll just sheepishly say, tak sengaja :D

  5. hihi, those with glitter cantik, saw the glitter henna kt jln tar, but weirdos for wedding, malay wed, hihi.. but all design u put here soo nice, like moose, go get some threading ke wax ke (moose brani wax tgn je, brazilian mahu moose? haha)

  6. ZARA says:

    kay: r u nuts? im hairy lah... u tak pakai magnifier and tengok! kalau u tgk sure pengsan!

    moose: hurm, maybe i should.

    mysarah: kan kan? creative betul! steady hands!

    liyana r: hahahahaha... kelakar lah u!!!!

    huda: tu lah cam weird gak tapi unique!