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Charles & Keith Limited Edition Pink Collection

Well... hantaran edisi budget.

Charles & Keith is offering their Limited Edition Pink Collection.

Heels at RM119.90
Bag at RM99.90
Combination Set at RM199.90

Charles & Keith will be donating part of the total sale proceeds from the Pink Collection to benefit Pride Foundation.

While stocks last. For a limited time only.

29 Sept 2010 onwards

All Charles & Keith Outlets

So girls... what are u waiting for???

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Nervous or 紧张

My wedding planner also my mom's best friend, my mom and I are going to Jakarta next week 1st Oct, my best friend is going to Sydney 2nd Oct. Phewww... nervous. I really hope I can settle my wedding favors, wedding invites, solemnization and second reception outfit, groom's outfit, bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen suit etc

Why am i nervous? well... i have four outfit, two of them traditional and another two are not, i have three types of invites, i have lots of assignments due, i haven't decide on bridesmaids, i have to take fiancé’s measurement, i haven’t decide on my wedding invite, i haven’t decide on my pre wedding photos. GOD!

Hurm… I’ve met my designers, waiting for sketches, for 1st reception dress and bertandang will be made locally, as idk any Indonesian designer and even if I do I think it will cost about the same.

I can feel my heartbeat racing every time I think of everything related to my wedding. Honest. I guess it would be a total fun after my exams are over, I seriously can’t wait for November where I can put 100% concentration on wedding preparation.

Now every time I work on wedding preps I feel guilty about delaying my studying for finals and assignments, I have myself to blame though. Grrrrrr…

Hence the very little update on my wedding blog as well as personal blog. Huhu.
Anyway, while I have the time, im sharing a little bit about my postcard invitation, initially done in English but mom and sisters insisted in Malay as this postcard are to distribute to my neighbours…

Here it is…

I rather not share the front of the postcard cause it’s still a mess =p as for the wedding website i still havent set it up just yet, cause im still undecided about where to register my wedding gifts. for now, maybe parkson but have to find out whether i can use two stores because my wedding will be in Melaka but most friends and relatives are in KL/Selangor

there's still room for improvement on the postcard that's just my rough idea. i will pass the id file to my sister and let her finish it before next week. if she can find the time. or i would consider passing it to my brother. hurm. is there anyone else? sigh.

p/s: 我还是紧张

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Breathtaking, lovely henna designs

Well... Im hairy. I follow after my dad. so not cool okay? Ikmal occasionally call me Bangla... huh... sumpah menyampah! So, no drawing on the back of my hand. it will only be on my palm and fingernails.

However, i do consider these designs.

maybe i should bleach my hairy hands first =p

For the design on the palm, here are some that are FULL

Almost Full?

This one is kinda cool. because it has the bride and groom's name on it ;)

How about this?

These two design are my favourite!!! so unique and different!!! Which i love!!!!

How about these??? Oddest design at the oddest places. There u go Azara Nur for wanting to be different ;) haha

or some glitter perhaps???

How about these??? awwwww.... geram!!!!

If only i have beautiful hands like my sis Amiza!! huh!! Jealous!!

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Hantaran arrangement

Yeahh i know it's hari raya and for me it's just another day. Sorry for the hiatus. I was busy baking and helping mom in the kitchen and entertaining relatives. I just wanted to share types of hantaran arrangement i like ;)

i know something like picture below is prettier idk... i kinda like arrangement like pictures above. it's simple not too ott. right? sorry for the so many 'like' in almost every sentence. My sister from singapore came back for Raya and we all kinda addicted to 'like' hehe

cute couple aye? love the bride's veil ;)

The rest of the pictures taken here

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My wedding singer

Honestly the excitement of Raya is long gone. Raya for me is nothing without grandparents to celebrate. Tapi 青包 on the first day adalah yg paling exciting! Since most of my Chinese relatives will be coming on the first of Raya ;)

Anyway. Insya-Allah, my brother will be singing for my wedding. My mother insisted but you know lah brother, they kinda have their own mind when it comes to siblings. Like my father, he tend to hide his feelings =p i know he loves me but he just dont want to let the whole world to know. like what im doing right now... he'll be furious if he finds out. So... hush hush darling!!

Spot my brother???

Here's a link to their page in FB if you wanna listen to their song. surprisingly, their songs are not bad. I love Miss June.

Though i adore them and their song. but i still want 'stolen' for our first dance. hehehe...

"I watch you spin around in your highest heels
You are the best one, of the best ones
We all look like we feel

You have stolen my
You have stolen my heart"

I will be wearing my highest heel *grins*

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He's Just Not That Into You

Ikmal's friends were doing Ramadan get-together dinner last night. I baked a red velvet for them for celebrating Virgo babies ;) Alhamdullillah, they finish the whole cake!!

On the way back he told me that a friend of him who had been in a relationship with his girlfriend for 10 or 12 years ask him how he decided to get married? don't get me wrong, he do loves me, he's just not the marrying type. everybody knows that. hence the confusion among his friends.

Well, he answered sooner or later we will all want to get married and settle down. but its the matter of time.

Remember Beth and Neil? My most favorite character in the movie. I love the fact that they ended up with each other. I was frustrated at one point with Ikmal like that, he's kind-hearted, not so good looking but okay, a great cook, very understanding etc but he has problem with the whole marriage idea.

being a typical girl i was, eager to be married... wonder when is my turn while watching my friends who one after another are married or getting married. can't help myself from envying them. i always pictured myself married by the age of 21. i am now 26 and not getting any younger.

i just want to be married so i can have legal rights to him and halal relationship. i don't pressure him much but i do hints him. his parents and my parents are the ones responsible for pressuring him.

which then remind me of this movie, Leap Year. You just cant help but to relate yourself with these movies. You may be lucky to get your man to kneel down on one knee to propose, but is the fairy tale happily ever after ending belongs to only you? How about the rest of us? How about me?

You know your partner better, whatever happens between the two of us stays within the two of you. we outsiders can only guess that you are the perfect couple or not.

I do not define my relationship as perfect or maybe near to perfect, because who are we to be perfect? nobody is but God. However, i do believe that we are perfect for each other.

Ikmal ask me the weirdest thing this morning, "Sayang, will you be doing the throwing of the bouquet? Alah... you know the thing where you throw the flower then the person who catches it will be the next to be married thing..."

a guy who hates wedding just ask that. what do you think of that? Hahaha

i then answered, "No, but do you want me to do that?"

he says, "Yes please, but please throw it to my friends? specifically a***."

please note that his friends are all guys. who like him believe that commitment not necessarily mean that you have to marry early. Most of them are in a relationship that range between 1 year plus until up to 10++ years.

I consider myself lucky all the time. I am blessed. I may not have the perfect proposal, but that doesn't mean that i do not deserve a happy ending. I'm a believer... not gullible... but a believer...

I believe in happy endings


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I want Tapir as my Ring bearer

you think?

add a bow tie, and voila!

Tapir is at all time wears his favourite outfit, a tuxedo! So, no need for custom made tux for him! hahahaha.

But the thing about tapir is he only wants me or Ikmal. and sometimes, my mom or his mom. So, maybe i'll ask my sis to dukung dia bawak turun from bilik for sarung cincin ceremony. hihihi. then snap few pictures with us then bawak balik naik masuk bilik.

Maybe a few weeks before the wedding day, Tapir needs to get his nail done! So he'll be tagging along for Mani & Padi! hahaha...

I have about 13 cats now with me, and about 20++ more in Melaka ;) So since there will be no one to look after them for the wedding and honeymoon, mom will renovate our existing cats house to accommodate all. But it will be divided to 2 section, as my cats are a bit snobbish.

other photos of tapir, to justify how cute he is and how cute will he be on my wedding day =D



p/s: Only Tapir will be sleeping in bilik pengantin. I can live without my fiancé but not Tapir.

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