What is Wedding/ Bridal Registry?

Original picture from here. Please note this is an example of a Wedding Gift Registry Card

My fiance and I went to Subang Parade yesterday evening. We intended to make more of that Birthday Temaki he made for me Monday ;) So we went to Cold Storage as there's a lot of imported products there.

Anyway, as we were walking towards Cold Storage, we pass by Parkson first. Apa lagi? pit stop lah! Have u ever go shopping with ur mom and they would spend so many hours on kitchenware? I experience that with my fiance. Oh God! Tiring!

Anyway... he saw something he likes. It was a 5 piece kitchen knife cost about, idk, 500? 600? we know we couldnt afford that, so dia kata, "Wei, apa cerita wedding registry kita?" aku pon apa lagi... menggelabah ar!

I pon jawab, "Oh, jom tanya customer service? hehehe" I saw on Parkson website, a few couples have their wedding registry, so i was thinking of having one as well.

Over the customer service counter, I mintak one of the personnel to explain the procedure of using their wedding registry service and will i be charge?

1st guy answered: huh? Ape kak?
me: Wedding registry.
1st guy: Sorry, tak faham
me: alah, the service u guys offered lah for our friends, relative to buy things for us from u. I saw kat website Parkson ada service tu
A woman: Owh. Ala yang untuk kahwin tu.
2nd guy interupt: Apa bende wei?
The woman: alah yang untuk kahwin tu.
1st guy: oh, akak nak beli hadiah kahwin untuk kawan akak eh?
me: No no no, i want to register my gifts here for my wedding.
2nd guy: akak nak register kahwin kat sini?
me: Oh my God. wedding registry! Wedding registry!! It's a service from ur store and u dont know what that is?
The 2nd guy already muka cam bengkek, because he thought I was mad at him. As according to Ikmal my voice was a bit higher. Well, I am loud.

Anyway, the the 2nd guy kata, "Owh there's Mr Wong, MR WONG... ada ke parkson offer wedding registry? ni ada customer tanya."

Mr Wong tu HOT okay! Naseb aku dah nak kahwin. Hahaha... I think he's the manager kot. And he started explaining to me how Parkson's wedding registry work. Ah... Lega... Someone who knows what I'm talking about. I feel less like orang gila!

So, people... to those who don't know...

A bridal registry is a service provided by a website or retail store to assist engaged couples in the communication of gift preferences to wedding guests. Selecting items from store stock, the couple lists desired items and files this list with the chosen merchant.

The list is then made available to wedding guests, either by the couple's family or the merchant. Upon the purchase of a listed item, this gift registry is updated accordingly. In addition to providing valuable information for the buyer, the system helps prevent the receipt of duplicate or unwanted gifts, potentially saving time for both giver and recipient.

In the UK, sites such as WishWish.co.uk are allowing gifts to be added from any online shop.

Taken from: mana lagi? Wikipedia

I hope those Parkson personnel understands now. hiks.

p/s: Parkson will wrap the gifts for you and even send them to where ur wedding is on ur wedding day ;)

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12 Responses to What is Wedding/ Bridal Registry?

  1. amElyn says:

    gila cool.
    i tau sket2 mende ni, tapi tak sangka wujud kt msia.. hakk3.
    ko ni..cite cam nak wedding gift jek~ hahahh

  2. ZARA says:

    amelyn: eh? haruslah nak!!!! naseb kau faham =p

  3. giler cool tapi budak parkson tu tak cool haha , thanks dear, skrg dah tau parkson ada service tu =)

  4. ZARA says:

    Nora: most welcome ;) i think maybe semua store ada kot. KOT je lah. nnti nak tanya tempat lain gak.

  5. nuptiles says:

    hi zara.wah great la.i pn nak buat cmni..xtahu plak store mcm parksaon ade bnda ni..kena charge ke dear?

  6. kay kamal says:

    wow, cool gile!! nak gak!!

  7. sumpit says:

    i've always wanted to have one. But i'm not sure if it'd be received well by my guests, i mean, most probably, diorg tak layan la kot. Nak ckp kat my parents lg la tak berani... hehehehehe

    kat malaysia, culture lain. rsvp pon org tak pedulik sgt, wedding registry lg la... kan?

    tp if u manage to pull it off, memang best la!

  8. Moose says:

    oh, i blogged once pasal wedding registry ni and how i wish we have it here in malaysia. tak sangka parkson ade. tapi kalau ikea ade lagi best!

  9. NahWaL says:

    i second that moose!! HAHA ikea kalau buat konfem gempak!!

  10. ZARA says:

    nuptiles: hello;) buat lah! tak kena charge. if im not mistaken u just choose any parkson store u prefer and start selecting gifts u want, they store it somewhere and when ur friends come over to buy u a gift, they show them gifts that u have selected. ur friends pay and parkson wrap it for u and deliver. easy like that!

    Kay: i ingat nak buat kat two places. melaka and subang. still in discussion though.

    ety: i get what u mean. i intend to include the gift registry card in the invitation card. i really hope it works.

    moose: just came back from ikea. forgot to ask pulak.

    nahwal: ntah2 ikea dah start doing it tapi kita tak tau! better ask!

  11. Ikea ada memang syok giler!

  12. ZARA says:


    kan? tu lah... they should do it fast! pergi suggest kt diorang!