Outfit Inspiration


I don't want to wear Baju kurung if possible but I am okay with Baju Kurung inspired dress =D refer pictures below

Pictures Credit: here

Not too revealing i hope. I don't want the Tok Kadi to get shock of his life. Haha

First Reception (night)

As for the night reception, my bridesmaids will be wearing toga maxi dress. So as for me, i am thinking of something like these

Pictures Credit: here

And no tiara whatsoever for me plish. I will be wearing something like this

Pic Credit

Second Reception (day)

I wanted to wear my mom's wedding songket but I don't think I can fit. So, we'll make one that can fit me =p I am thinking of using Songket Bunga Tabur because it's less expensive, kan? There's pictures of the groom's baju melayu as well:

Pictures Credit:
Kebaya songket merah Kurung songket kuning Others

I am yet to decide on the design. I'm torn between traditional kebaya design or modernish type. Later lah pikir =p


Since I already wear long sleeve for nikah, sleeveless for first reception, I am thinking of wearing short sleeve or quarter sleeve for bertandang =D

Pictures Credit: here

Some pictures shown here are a bit too revealing so, I want to clarify that I wont be wearing anything revealing my back, legs and breast. So use your imagination ladies =D hehe

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18 Responses to Outfit Inspiration

  1. Nadia says:

    nikah punyer tu..lawanyer yg siler tu..:)nak jugak!!!

  2. good taste babe!!..love them all.. :)

    for nikah, i'll vote the grey dress tu..and for day reception tu i'll vote for classic kebaya :) biar betul2 nampak traditional sbb semua yg lain u dah go for modern type...

    excited kan?? ;p

  3. ZARA says:

    nadia: silver yang jarang tu eh?

    bride2wife: grey? woot woot... tapi tak de lah nampak dada kan? hahaha

    tu lah ingat nak pakai traditional gak... cam melampau pulak modern nya. hihihi

  4. terjojol mata to kadi nnt!haha..

    haruslah melampau..sekali seumur hidup babe! :)

  5. ZARA says:

    bride2wife: huahahaha silap2 pengsan tok kadi. hahaha.

    harap nya sekali seumur hidup =D till the end.

  6. sumpit says:

    i'd vote for the silver one as well, tp bole je pakai some underneath, tube ke apa, jd cam kebaya. Tp i so like the other dresses from the website where u got the top left picture from, tp diorg jual headpieces la. Sapa designer baju pon tatau...

    for bertandang, yg the one on the right tu sgt2 cantik2!

  7. kay kamal says:

    sume u nk tempah ke? sila decide cpat2 b4 g indon ok..btw,u grak bile?

  8. kay kamal says:

    sume u nk tempah ke? sila decide cpat2 b4 g indon ok..btw,u grak bile?

  9. ZARA says:

    eti: sume i amek dari wedding inspirasi. I suka gile web tu. dia banyak feature middle east punya designer like zuhair murad and ellie saab.

    and design depa sume cantek2. all pics are from there but to list out the designer one by one cam jenuh... huhu...

    i still not decide which to choose for all reception. I'll probably print these photos collage and bring to my designer (whoever it will be).

    Because need to consider also my body type etc... hekhek... model2 ni kurus kering, pakai apa pon cantek kan?

  10. ZARA says:

    Kay shayang: a'ah sume tempah. tu lah kay!!! i rambang mata... tengok skinny b**ches ni pakai sumenya yang cantek... kang aku pakai dah jd sarung nangka pulok...

    i g 1st oct for a week kot. tunggu baju siap baru balik. kalau tak siap suruh dia pos lah kot. hahaha

  11. sumpit says:

    eh, tak gak babe!
    kalu model skinny, cantek aaaa...

    tp kalu skinny skeping like yours truly ni, sedih weh... i want curves! but i aint got any :(

    u can try wearing a real tight corset, sexy la, looking at them picture makes me wish i got some curves to play with...tsk tsk

    by the way, hv u checked out jenny packham? lawaaaaa, IMHO la, very 1930s, i like! u might too ;)

  12. ZARA says:

    i am not skinny and i don't hv curve. what i have is huge boobies and flat ass. hahaha. so, its kinda hard for me to find dresses that will compliment my body. so i cant wear corset, it'll make my boobies bigger.

    its really funny. huahaha... i really hope i will loose around another at least 5kgs then i can wear those corset... hihihi...

    and btw, I just googled jenny packham and I LOVE those dresses!!!! seriously...

    i very very much in love with the first one http://www.stylemepretty.com/2010/04/21/wedding-dresses-by-jenny-packham-2/

  13. hiii...suka la idea pakai bunga2 kat kepala tu =) teringat citer narnia hehe kiutttttttt =)

  14. ZARA says:

    Nora: i pon suka. narnia eh? hehehe... yang i paling ingat pasal narnia is turkish delight... huhuhu... macam sedap!

  15. awesomeness!!tlglah buat..tlglah!!:p

  16. ZARA says:

    ell: nak buat! nak buat! october nanti!!!

  17. hiddie says:

    cant wait! im sure youll be a stunning bride :)

  18. ZARA says:

    hiddie: *blushing* gedik mode: ON

    a stunning plus size bride more like it. haha