Our Favourite STD

Something I think both of us can pull off. minus the kissing and licking scene. plish!

Hari tu on my birthday surprise dinner, my sis Amiza Nur's Boyfriend, Fazlan offered to be my videographer. However, since i already have one, I tanya, do u wanna make us a STD video? He said yes for FREE!!

So, I am still not sure of what to do for the video but i just love the idea on the video posted above. Ikmal loves it too. But... idk, is that it? no other ideas?

I am trying to finish my literature review for my thesis, so i had been reading too many journals that my brain dried up out of boredom! Perhaps i need to rest my head for a while then some creative ideas can sip in.


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16 Responses to Our Favourite STD

  1. ha! fabulous video. sans face licking, of course :)

  2. ZARA says:

    very married: yup yup of course without the face licking. eeewww hahaha

  3. sumpit says:

    oooooooooo, std tu "save the date" eh?

    terkejut td tgk std kat blogroll. Ingatkan "sexually transmitted disease"!

  4. ZARA says:

    hehehe ety. malas nak tulis pepanjang... kihkih

  5. sumpit says:

    eh, the guy's got talent la... dia memang videographer ke?

    i tgh cari idea untuk slideshow/montage or something nak main time reception. Do you think maybe i can hire him to do it?

  6. ZARA says:

    maybe. u want me to tanyakan?

  7. sumpit says:

    cepatnya reply! hahahahahaha...
    yes! bole gak.
    thanks babe! ;)

  8. ZARA says:

    aku tgh takde keje ni. huahaha. ety. sat g i let u know thru FB k?

  9. sumpit says:

    fb or email pon bole ;)

  10. beshhnyer dah ada std... me? not yet. OP for pre wed tu lum kasi cd nyer lagi :(

  11. zara...ganas giler!!!but memang best..haha

  12. the bride and groom are uber cool!
    comel gileee..

  13. ZARA says:

    reen: belom ada lagi lah...

    bride2wife: ganas! itu yg kita mahu!

    kay: part ending tu kan? damn! haks

    mawar: uiks comel? hehehehe

    arief arf: its STD not STD =p

    missbutterfly: huiyoh kan? yeah!!!!