Honeymoon and Marquee tent update

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Some may already know where we are heading for our honeymoon =D some may not. Well, i prefer not to share it in detail as we are yet to buy flights tickets for the desired destinations.

Insya-Allah within this or next week. Kinda disappointed with Air Asia because the price seems to be differ almost every time I check it. I am certain of the dates because I keep record of it in my wedding journal.

The heck with it. Will update on the honeymoon plan after fiancé bought the tickets yeah? woot woot


Moving on.... EnDin the marquee tent guy met my mom at our house last week. I think mom is still waiting for his invoice, but she'll probably be hiring him because mom said he quoted RM1300 per bay which is considered cheap to her. IDK. Is it?

The Marquee tent is 60ft(L) x 40ft(W) x 25ft(H), i'm not certain with this measurement, kinda forget... Will update again later.

For the first bay, they'll install flooring for my dance floor. I don't know how, but if i'm not mistaken they'll elevate it a bit. There will only be high table on the first bay. Hurm... Suggested to mom to put a long table at the sides so the dance floor will be in the middle but mom said the dance floor will be small pulak nanti.

So I'll leave everything about the marquee tent to mom...

I trust her =D teehee...

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I don't expect the flooring will be as the first pic. Instead, the second pic is what i think will be setting up for us. I really hope everything will turn out well. Amin.

p/s: We'll be dancing to our song Stolen by Dashboard Confesional for our first dance *wink* I'm excited!

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12 Responses to Honeymoon and Marquee tent update

  1. thezaila says:

    babe.. if this gonna be ur tent.. serious cantik giler.. excited aku dibuat nya.. (motif i excited daripada pengatin??hahahha)... siap ada dance.. very Eropah.. i loike.. =)

  2. mysarah says:

    tarian apa u nak buat nanti? heheh

  3. wahh teruja nyer!! heaven giler!!

  4. ZARA says:

    Zaila: Excited sangat lah!!! aku mmg suka verangan... hehehe thank u!!

    mysarah: tarian apa? entah lah... tarian belasah? boleh? kuikui

    farahfatihah: heaven eh? hihihihi... tak sabar!!!

  5. walauweyh..very the elegante the tent!

  6. ZARA says:

    hana yoriee: it's not actually my tent. Tapi i hope it turns out like that. hehehe

  7. kay kamal says:

    cantek!!!!!!!! so ur mom is finally in the game..lol

    and i wanna dance to that song!! me likes..

    o/s: i nangis tgk cte scrubs seaon 6 finale when jd had a reminiscence of him and eliott,wen she got engaged ...and the this song was at the background..

  8. ZARA says:

    Kay: finally!!!! Dia out of the blue call i cerita yang dia dengan endin lah nak buat camni lah camtu lah. hahaha. alhamdullillah.

    nnti my first dance u join nak? kuikui... or i habis dance kita dance lagi sekali... hihihihi excited nya!!!!

    p/s: he sang me that song during our third date when we were on our way to his parents house *wink wink*

  9. sumpit says:

    oh, yes! i so love dashboard confessional... that'll be a perfect song for a first dance. Mainla vindicated skali, tp tatau la nak nari camne :)

  10. ZARA says:

    eti: woot woot... i love them too... their latest album pon sedap. ada this song boulevard something. Belle Of The Boulevard *google tadi*

    yang prev album sucks. gold digger something apa ntah. im bad at memorizing names of anything...


  11. hi.. may i know who is the supplier for the tent? how was the outcome? tq 4 sharing.. congrates on your wedding..

  12. ZARA says:


    dear, my mom at last decided to just amek normal arabian tent from our caterer because the initial tent supplier turns out to be all talk but no action. alhamudullilah our caterer provide adequate tents.

    the initial tent supplier however yang provide the flooring for the tent but the flooring is not up to our expectation.