Chicken Soup for the Bride's Soul

I am yet to read this. hehehe. but I thought maybe I can share this with you guys. I adore Jack Canfield, he is one of my favourite 'teacher' in one of the law of attraction's books, The Secret.

Well, this is a bit embarrassing. hehe. But Im actually just started reading eat pray love. yeah yeah, I know it's kinda lame. Mom bought it some time ago, she read it, my sis Atiza read it and then it's suppose to be my sis Amiza's turn but well, she took such a long time to even start reading it. So i took it from her last month.

I then kinda misplace the book while still in the 1st Chapter. I seriously forgot where I put it. I hate it when that happen. I love old books, the smell of it especially.

tapi, what to do... So i bought a new one. hehehe. though it doesn't have that old book scent but hey! its still a book ;)

So I'll move on to this book as soon as I finish reading eat pray love! Cant wait to start reading it. Already peeking on a few pages... hiks!

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7 Responses to Chicken Soup for the Bride's Soul

  1. kay kamal says:

    after exams chup pinjam!

  2. zara, we have same book =)member ada hadiahkan nora buku ni masa tunang hari tu tapi xbaca2 lagi huaaa ~ sindrom malas baca lg :p

  3. ZARA says:

    nora!!! u should start reading it!!! i baca foreword by Beverly Clark tu je pon dah excited. rasa nak skip eat pray love, all overdue assignments, and journals for thesis. hahahaha

  4. nuptiles says:

    bau buku baru lg bes dr buku lama lah..hehe..i suka baca tp slalu halfway n i mmg xikuti sgt mainstream books. Eat Pray Love tu pn tau sbb Oprah book club mention dulu. I shud read more books la.

  5. ZARA says:

    nuptiles: my mom sangat adore oprah. dia ada almost every book oprah book club recommend.

    u sama ngan my fiance, suka bau buku baru. i don't mind reading any book ;) as long as it's good. but i tak berapa minat novel aside from historical romance novel.

    p/s: i dig pay less books, apart from cheap and my obsession towards old books, it can also saves the environment. Less paper!

  6. hi sweetie. u nk jual tak buku ni? hee. sbb i've been cari2 tp tak jumpa n nk sgt baca this book. if u nk jual i nk beli.
    anything email me ya.
    tq. :)