Bad review for vendors are No-No?

Are we living in a society that we can only give good reviews? Some may know what i'm talking about, some may not. Those who know should be discreet until the issue is out in the open.

we are not talking about politics ever here in our discussion aren't we B2B? We are just a bunch of strangers who are too damn excited about weddings and intended to share our experience and what not. aren't we?

As a communication student, I've been over and over this freedom of expression issue over, and over, and over again. However, i never in a gazillion years thought i would be discussing it here.

One of the greatest risk faced by bloggers is defamation suit. watch out ladies! its a mean world out there!

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11 Responses to Bad review for vendors are No-No?

  1. Yanie says:

    i think the defamation suit law is applicable for benda yang berat2 such as political issues and words or entry intentionally to insult someone in public. But i dont think bad reviews on vendor will falls under the defamation's law, as this is something needs to be shared with the rest (other bride to be). Macam2 hak2 pengguna. We have rights to keep others informed on which seller should we go for right? It is a common thing, kot.... Well... susah nak cakapla. hehe i have to ask from the experts. Will ask further advice from a friend who is practising law.(if she knows la):)

  2. i paham case ape ni.
    we have our rights!

  3. mysarah says:

    risau jugak kekadang. ckp salah, tak ckp pown salah :D

  4. Cik Belle says:

    thats y! we have our rights! bleargh.
    eii, tak suka la macam ni!

  5. ZARA says:

    yanie: as soon as i dengar case a friend of ours ni, i terus tanya my sis, dia cakap mmg boleh kena defamation suit tapi the problem with our law is that there is grey area when it comes to freedom of expression because it is in the federal constitution.

    tapi i think our friend should manage kot...

    lynda: kan? i dapat je FB msg, i terus call. geram giler! i sampai rasa nak serang vendor tu!

    mysarah & cik belle: geram sangat tau, vendor pulak threaten nak sue customer. bodoh!

  6. nizabeba says:

    macam tersepit je kan..bile ade hak bersuara, kene sue la plak..adoyai..

  7. ZARA says:

    nizabeba: all these are just plain dumb.

  8. sabor babe. she's doing the right thing. tutup case tak bermakne she's wrong! silap la messing with bloggers :D

  9. ZARA says:

    Lynda: we communications students are a bit sensitive when it comes to freedom of speech and expression ;) i already told her, there's nothing to worry about as for them to lawyered up will cost them dearly. i think it is just a threat. u know to shut ppl up. what a pathetic coward!

  10. agreed with linda..."silap la messing with bloggers" :)
    usually, all the vendors that i met, bila dorang dgr 'bloggers' je they are a bit cautious...tapi kes kay tu lain macam pulak..nampak sgt vendor tu kepala tak betul

  11. ZARA says:

    bride2wife: well it seems that this one are not threaten by us, i don't mean that we can say anything or make false remark. tapi u know, we know our limits lah... all of us are adult what. including the vendor itself. I'm glad she handle the thing professionally ;) good for her!!