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Our Favourite STD

Something I think both of us can pull off. minus the kissing and licking scene. plish!

Hari tu on my birthday surprise dinner, my sis Amiza Nur's Boyfriend, Fazlan offered to be my videographer. However, since i already have one, I tanya, do u wanna make us a STD video? He said yes for FREE!!

So, I am still not sure of what to do for the video but i just love the idea on the video posted above. Ikmal loves it too. But... idk, is that it? no other ideas?

I am trying to finish my literature review for my thesis, so i had been reading too many journals that my brain dried up out of boredom! Perhaps i need to rest my head for a while then some creative ideas can sip in.


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Chicken Soup for the Bride's Soul

I am yet to read this. hehehe. but I thought maybe I can share this with you guys. I adore Jack Canfield, he is one of my favourite 'teacher' in one of the law of attraction's books, The Secret.

Well, this is a bit embarrassing. hehe. But Im actually just started reading eat pray love. yeah yeah, I know it's kinda lame. Mom bought it some time ago, she read it, my sis Atiza read it and then it's suppose to be my sis Amiza's turn but well, she took such a long time to even start reading it. So i took it from her last month.

I then kinda misplace the book while still in the 1st Chapter. I seriously forgot where I put it. I hate it when that happen. I love old books, the smell of it especially.

tapi, what to do... So i bought a new one. hehehe. though it doesn't have that old book scent but hey! its still a book ;)

So I'll move on to this book as soon as I finish reading eat pray love! Cant wait to start reading it. Already peeking on a few pages... hiks!

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What is Wedding/ Bridal Registry?

Original picture from here. Please note this is an example of a Wedding Gift Registry Card

My fiance and I went to Subang Parade yesterday evening. We intended to make more of that Birthday Temaki he made for me Monday ;) So we went to Cold Storage as there's a lot of imported products there.

Anyway, as we were walking towards Cold Storage, we pass by Parkson first. Apa lagi? pit stop lah! Have u ever go shopping with ur mom and they would spend so many hours on kitchenware? I experience that with my fiance. Oh God! Tiring!

Anyway... he saw something he likes. It was a 5 piece kitchen knife cost about, idk, 500? 600? we know we couldnt afford that, so dia kata, "Wei, apa cerita wedding registry kita?" aku pon apa lagi... menggelabah ar!

I pon jawab, "Oh, jom tanya customer service? hehehe" I saw on Parkson website, a few couples have their wedding registry, so i was thinking of having one as well.

Over the customer service counter, I mintak one of the personnel to explain the procedure of using their wedding registry service and will i be charge?

1st guy answered: huh? Ape kak?
me: Wedding registry.
1st guy: Sorry, tak faham
me: alah, the service u guys offered lah for our friends, relative to buy things for us from u. I saw kat website Parkson ada service tu
A woman: Owh. Ala yang untuk kahwin tu.
2nd guy interupt: Apa bende wei?
The woman: alah yang untuk kahwin tu.
1st guy: oh, akak nak beli hadiah kahwin untuk kawan akak eh?
me: No no no, i want to register my gifts here for my wedding.
2nd guy: akak nak register kahwin kat sini?
me: Oh my God. wedding registry! Wedding registry!! It's a service from ur store and u dont know what that is?
The 2nd guy already muka cam bengkek, because he thought I was mad at him. As according to Ikmal my voice was a bit higher. Well, I am loud.

Anyway, the the 2nd guy kata, "Owh there's Mr Wong, MR WONG... ada ke parkson offer wedding registry? ni ada customer tanya."

Mr Wong tu HOT okay! Naseb aku dah nak kahwin. Hahaha... I think he's the manager kot. And he started explaining to me how Parkson's wedding registry work. Ah... Lega... Someone who knows what I'm talking about. I feel less like orang gila!

So, people... to those who don't know...

A bridal registry is a service provided by a website or retail store to assist engaged couples in the communication of gift preferences to wedding guests. Selecting items from store stock, the couple lists desired items and files this list with the chosen merchant.

The list is then made available to wedding guests, either by the couple's family or the merchant. Upon the purchase of a listed item, this gift registry is updated accordingly. In addition to providing valuable information for the buyer, the system helps prevent the receipt of duplicate or unwanted gifts, potentially saving time for both giver and recipient.

In the UK, sites such as are allowing gifts to be added from any online shop.

Taken from: mana lagi? Wikipedia

I hope those Parkson personnel understands now. hiks.

p/s: Parkson will wrap the gifts for you and even send them to where ur wedding is on ur wedding day ;)

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Bad review for vendors are No-No?

Are we living in a society that we can only give good reviews? Some may know what i'm talking about, some may not. Those who know should be discreet until the issue is out in the open.

we are not talking about politics ever here in our discussion aren't we B2B? We are just a bunch of strangers who are too damn excited about weddings and intended to share our experience and what not. aren't we?

As a communication student, I've been over and over this freedom of expression issue over, and over, and over again. However, i never in a gazillion years thought i would be discussing it here.

One of the greatest risk faced by bloggers is defamation suit. watch out ladies! its a mean world out there!

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Diann Valentine’s Tips on Weddings on a Budget

Kinda useful

taken here

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Bunga Pahar? Perlu? Tak perlu?

Called up my mom, "Ma, do we have doorgift for nikah?" mama answered, "buat apa? bunga telor kan ada?"

erk? ada eh? alamak. nak diy boleh? those in the market terLAMPAU sarat and kaler pelik-pelik.

then i found this blog dalam tengah nak survey bunga telor yang decent.

I'm not environmentalist yang sangat-sangat. its damn difficult to adapt to the segregating ur garbage thingy for recycle, nevertheless... i do reduce my usage of plastic bags to like none ;) i have been using my own shopping bags way back before Selangor government buat kempen no plastic bags every Saturday. Sampai menjerit-jerit kat pak guard bangla carrefour subang sbb tahan my shopping bags. ada ke dia nak masuk kan shopping bag aku dalam this huge plastic bag and seal it??? then what's the whole point of me bringing my own shopping bag? Sengal!

*sorry ter'emo pulak*


Tetiba rasa cam boleh tak if i don't want those bunga pahar crap? Kena selar tak dengan Orang Melayu? or better yet, kena selar tak dengan mak cik-mak cik aku?

hurm. IDK.

tapi kalau kata lah aku tak nak mati awal kena selar... i would consider these

Pic credits:
Shajaratul Design

p/s: feel free to disagree ;)

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Solemnization Colours

Pic Credits:
Bride and Bridesmaids Wedding Dresses Table deco White Wedding Dress Pelamin White corner deco Red White flower Cupcake

Alritey! enough of honeymoon aye? Just want to remind myself that I'll be wearing red for hari raya ;) in fact my whole family will too... sebab we decided to take red and white for our nikah theme.

I want a simple, simple simple ceremony. Insya-Allah no bersanding. even if there is bersanding, there will only be very VERY close family sahaja watching ;) saya pemalu!

and u can only request sanding masa lepas nikah. Lepas nikah, NO no NO! So, kalau takda family yang request, takdo sanding... PAHAM?


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NZ here we come =)

Thanks to Ms Shasha Stewart and Ms Arina for all ur advice and recommendations. Appreciate them all.

So. We will first go to Melbourne

then to Christchurch

from Christchurch to Queenstown, our main destination!

Lake Wakatipu

and Lake Wanaka

From Queenstown, we'll drop by Auckland

and back to Melbourne

Phew... At last... Flight tickets all bought. Tinggal accommodation saje. my fussy fiance insist on lake and mountain view, ensuites and spa bath. amek kau! demanding! senang je dia order. yang saket mata nak survey aku jugak! Tapi alhamdullillah. found one kinda interesting. Nak book sat g lepas Ikmal balik keje. Saya mana ada $$$ nak book... saya student ^_^ hihihi

mode verangan: ON

Pictures Credit: Melbourne 1 Christchurch Lake Wakatipu Lake Wanaka Auckland Melbourne 2

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Another one down!

Pictures Credit:
Bungee Queenstown Dinner Ski Lift Helicopter Hotels Motels Mansion Mountains Lake Wanaka

Actually we just bought tickets to Melbourne via Air Asia. We are yet to buy tickets from Melbourne to Christchurch and Christchurch to Queenstown. Any b2b or readers who've been to New Zealand? I am thinking of driving from Christchurch to Queenstown so we can stop by Lake Wanaka and Lake Tekapo. Owh how we want to go to these lakes! There are so breathtakingly beautiful, magnificent! Masya-Allah!

If we are to drive, we need to buy return tickets to Melbourne. If not, we can just fly from Queenstown to Melbourne. But our main event is Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown. So boys and girls... Let me know if you have suggestions.... XOXO

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I ♥ these

Oh-so-shweet moment!!!

That's definitely me and him!!!

OMG. I love this pic!!!

Hahaha... Love this as well... Plish notice Dr OZ you on a diet!!! hahaha

Remember this entry haha. it seems that this couple done that! I loike!!!

All pictures taken here Very Very Very interesting ideas!!! Love them Very Very Very MUCH!!!

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Outfit Inspiration


I don't want to wear Baju kurung if possible but I am okay with Baju Kurung inspired dress =D refer pictures below

Pictures Credit: here

Not too revealing i hope. I don't want the Tok Kadi to get shock of his life. Haha

First Reception (night)

As for the night reception, my bridesmaids will be wearing toga maxi dress. So as for me, i am thinking of something like these

Pictures Credit: here

And no tiara whatsoever for me plish. I will be wearing something like this

Pic Credit

Second Reception (day)

I wanted to wear my mom's wedding songket but I don't think I can fit. So, we'll make one that can fit me =p I am thinking of using Songket Bunga Tabur because it's less expensive, kan? There's pictures of the groom's baju melayu as well:

Pictures Credit:
Kebaya songket merah Kurung songket kuning Others

I am yet to decide on the design. I'm torn between traditional kebaya design or modernish type. Later lah pikir =p


Since I already wear long sleeve for nikah, sleeveless for first reception, I am thinking of wearing short sleeve or quarter sleeve for bertandang =D

Pictures Credit: here

Some pictures shown here are a bit too revealing so, I want to clarify that I wont be wearing anything revealing my back, legs and breast. So use your imagination ladies =D hehe

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Honeymoon and Marquee tent update

Pic Credits:
Pic One Pic Two Pic Three Pic Four

Some may already know where we are heading for our honeymoon =D some may not. Well, i prefer not to share it in detail as we are yet to buy flights tickets for the desired destinations.

Insya-Allah within this or next week. Kinda disappointed with Air Asia because the price seems to be differ almost every time I check it. I am certain of the dates because I keep record of it in my wedding journal.

The heck with it. Will update on the honeymoon plan after fiancé bought the tickets yeah? woot woot


Moving on.... EnDin the marquee tent guy met my mom at our house last week. I think mom is still waiting for his invoice, but she'll probably be hiring him because mom said he quoted RM1300 per bay which is considered cheap to her. IDK. Is it?

The Marquee tent is 60ft(L) x 40ft(W) x 25ft(H), i'm not certain with this measurement, kinda forget... Will update again later.

For the first bay, they'll install flooring for my dance floor. I don't know how, but if i'm not mistaken they'll elevate it a bit. There will only be high table on the first bay. Hurm... Suggested to mom to put a long table at the sides so the dance floor will be in the middle but mom said the dance floor will be small pulak nanti.

So I'll leave everything about the marquee tent to mom...

I trust her =D teehee...

Pic credits:
Pic One Pic Two

I don't expect the flooring will be as the first pic. Instead, the second pic is what i think will be setting up for us. I really hope everything will turn out well. Amin.

p/s: We'll be dancing to our song Stolen by Dashboard Confesional for our first dance *wink* I'm excited!

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Pic Credits:

man in dress
Woman in suit

Entry khas untuk Cik Zaila yang banyak bagi encouragement =D

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