wedding invite

I am thinking of something like this for night reception invitation

For the day reception and his reception, something like this

the back

However, instead of the writings... I'm thinking of putting little map there so people wont get lost =D because at the front of the post card already detailing on the event.

the front

Hurm... can we do that? Do Pos Malaysia allow it? Got to go find out.

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15 Responses to wedding invite

  1. babe, i love the 1 design and concept, using that material. it's super duper cool.

  2. ZARA says:

    kan? kan? i pon... ni je card mahal... for the other two reception... amek murah gile! satu card je... huahahaha

  3. wow cool.. this is something different kan.. cantik sangat

  4. ZARA says:

    lady: ada gak orang dah buat. tak le different sangat... hihihi... tapi not so common... which i love =D

  5. ZARA says:

    Aina: Thanks =) i really love it!

  6. kay kamal says:

    i tgk kat one of the card kawen vendors kat mlaka fair aritu ade yang pakai brown eco paper ni..cantik...and fairly affordable too!

  7. ZARA says:

    Jacin: I love them too...

    Kay: i tot nak buat kat indon nnti.... hehehe

  8. kay, setuju! brown eco ppr mmg murah.
    n zara, niceyy!! buat pleaseee haha

  9. ZARA says:

    ell: mmg nak buat......... go green!!! eh, go brown!!!!

  10. Bai says:

    suka2! i suka simple2 mcam ni. just nice di mata. hehe. I think kad macam ni kat indon murah.

  11. ZARA says:

    Bai: suka kan? saya pon suka! *lompat-lompat* tak sabar nak g indon =D

  12. ElyaElmo says:

    zara...kaler tu sgt classique!!me likee..
    tapi mmg agak mahal skett laaaa he3

  13. ZARA says:

    Elya: ada satu blog ni dia kata maybe kalau buy from Bandung dalam less than RM1 including delivery to M'sia. So 1hb Oct nnti pergi buat lah.