Our Marriage. THEIR Wedding

When we met someone, sooner or later they'll bring us to meet their parents. I am most flattered when Ikmal took me to see his parents on the very third date. My third date with him includes his parents which i think was awesome.

So they say, when you marry someone, you marry their entire family. This movie is all about that saying.

there are a lot arguing about the wedding preparations, the couple wanted something like this, but the father of the bride wanted something else and the father of the groom wanted something else and the mother of the groom and the grandmother of the bride etc

which all boils down to A MESS

I watched it with Ikmal and we had a great laugh. At the part where the couple says to each other, "our marriage, their wedding" we look at each and say, lets that be our mantra when you just can't argue with your parents about your wedding.

It's true actually, as hard as we try to make this wedding ours, there will always come a part when your parents wanted to make it less yours. Not intentionally of course. duh.

I bet each and everyone one of us experience that. Although probably not as serious, but there will come a time when we just can't agree with them on our wedding arrangements and vice versa.

After watching it again today. alone. I come to realize that, well... they are too happy for us and they want the wedding to be PERFECT. Not forgetting, they want to provide the best for us.

So Mama, I just surrender on the menu for our night reception. You just choose lah whatever you think the best. I trust you :D As for the rest of you... go watch this movie!

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22 Responses to Our Marriage. THEIR Wedding

  1. mysarah says:

    bila kita kata "Mak, orang nak kawen", dia la orang yang paling hepy. kan? our marriage, their wedding =))

  2. ZARA says:

    mysarah: dia yang paling excited!

  3. its been a years they prepare all the things...they so happy..maybe its bcoz i'm the 1st daughter =)

  4. ZARA says:

    farah fatihah: yup me too. first born, first daughter, 1st cousin. phewww...

  5. kay kamal says:

    remmber our story mory aritu..now i bagi sume kat my mom and she's happy..but i made it my caterer just she can choose the menu and hiasan segala bagai..i bagi theme and vision je.puas sume.lol

  6. ZARA says:

    kay: yeah.. yeah... remember. glad that it's settle. ur satisfaction, our satisfaction. habis cerita kan?

  7. NahWaL says:

    camne tah aku takda link kau? adei. bes eh cita ni?nak tenoookkkk..

    3rd day meet the parents is awesome. i think there's something wrong in men who refuse to meet our parents or refuse to introduce us to his. kan? good for u!

  8. ZARA says:

    nahwal: siapa lah aku kan, tu yang tak link :p hehehe

    best sbb relate ngan kita ni yang nak kahwin. mula2 freaks out gak. apahal yang dia nak bawak jumpa parents. tak bgtau pulak tu. aku dah le pakai baju nipis nampak bra hitam. kambing gurun!

    tapi i think that's to show that he's interested and serious :D kuikui

  9. Cik Belle says:

    totally agreed, "our marriage, their wedding" hihihi..

  10. ZARA says:

    cik Belle: it happens to everyone kan?

  11. Cik Belle says:

    haha..betul la tu zara.. ! senyum aja la bila mereka kata itu ini, kite buat macam tu macam ni.. angguk aje.. huhu

  12. ZARA says:

    cik Belle: mmg angguk all the way dah ni. sampai panjang leher... hahhaha

  13. iedayah says:

    sume b2b kn gi through benda2 gini dear...mmg biasanya mak pengantin lg excited dr pengantin..layankan je la yang..=p

  14. ZARA says:

    iedayah: tengah layan ar nie.... :D

  15. Durruz says:

    wauu..wajib tgk ni!

  16. ZARA says:

    Durruz: yeah!!! pegi-pegi!!

  17. ~aina~ says:

    hihihi.. nicely said.. so true.. almost all wedding will go thru d same things kut.. i did.. so good luck dear! ;)

  18. Bai says:

    yerp! semua nak jadi weeding planer hahaha!

  19. ZARA says:

    Bai: ada bakat terpendam agak nya... hihi

  20. sudah tgklah ini moviee!weee;p adalah best.

  21. ZARA says:

    Ell: sudah tengok ell? Best kan? best best!