Love at first sight

Hello peeps.

A sneak peak of inspirations idea for today, will elaborate more, later part of this post.

Now, I'm enjoying a breather from classes doing house chores. My apartment is a mess. All cause by my mischievous children, they are driving me insane. Poor Oren.

She’s adopted. My children seem to hate her for no reason. It’s been months now since she joins our little family. Tapir, Cici, Goku, Goten, Puppy and now Gohan seems to enjoy hounding her. She is like a little Miss kitchenella. She is most of the time shivering under the kitchen cabinet.

I cannot bear to see her misery, I know she is happy here with me but the other kids just can’t get along with her and she needs to go. I hate to let her go. But I had too. So, if anybody interested in adopting this little angle. Let me know.

Zuhair Murad is a Lebanese fashion designer. The first time I laid my eyes on his design, I knew I had fallen in love with him. I love almost every piece of his design. They are intriguing yet very demure.

I need to make up my mind on the dresses before I go meet up my designer *which still unavailable* so here’s some of his collection…




Have you fell in love yet?

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2 Responses to Love at first sight

  1. miss nona says:

    huhu...poor oren.. how i wish i cn adopt her but too many cats in my house will surely create havoc..

    sorry oren..=(

  2. ZARA says:

    tak pe miss nona. i pon mmg mengharapkan orang yang belom ada kucing. dia ni macam elok jd anak tunggal. nak hantar balik melaka kat mak pon kucing kat melaka tak suka dia. kesian dia.