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Change of Layout

Well... I was a bit bored last night. Had to finish a thesis proposal. So, to kill the boredom I try on some templates and lost all links. Which then I had to slowly add one by one. troublesome!

So, in case I forgot to link u. Please dont be mad... just let me know and I'll link u.


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wedding invite

I am thinking of something like this for night reception invitation

For the day reception and his reception, something like this

the back

However, instead of the writings... I'm thinking of putting little map there so people wont get lost =D because at the front of the post card already detailing on the event.

the front

Hurm... can we do that? Do Pos Malaysia allow it? Got to go find out.

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Our Marriage. THEIR Wedding

When we met someone, sooner or later they'll bring us to meet their parents. I am most flattered when Ikmal took me to see his parents on the very third date. My third date with him includes his parents which i think was awesome.

So they say, when you marry someone, you marry their entire family. This movie is all about that saying.

there are a lot arguing about the wedding preparations, the couple wanted something like this, but the father of the bride wanted something else and the father of the groom wanted something else and the mother of the groom and the grandmother of the bride etc

which all boils down to A MESS

I watched it with Ikmal and we had a great laugh. At the part where the couple says to each other, "our marriage, their wedding" we look at each and say, lets that be our mantra when you just can't argue with your parents about your wedding.

It's true actually, as hard as we try to make this wedding ours, there will always come a part when your parents wanted to make it less yours. Not intentionally of course. duh.

I bet each and everyone one of us experience that. Although probably not as serious, but there will come a time when we just can't agree with them on our wedding arrangements and vice versa.

After watching it again today. alone. I come to realize that, well... they are too happy for us and they want the wedding to be PERFECT. Not forgetting, they want to provide the best for us.

So Mama, I just surrender on the menu for our night reception. You just choose lah whatever you think the best. I trust you :D As for the rest of you... go watch this movie!

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Another Melaka Wedding Fair-TODAY

A very great Tuesday in deed. as predicted :p my 9.30am class finished early. 2pm class cancelled. and now Im waiting in boredom for the next class which is at 6pm. Bapak Bosan!

Anyway... thanks to ~mEanDaLwaYsbEmE~ yang tip off pasal a wedding fair kat Melaka. again. thank u so much. coincidently im coming back to melaka thursday. so boleh lah g wedding fair ni ngan Kay and Amelyn. Kalau hangpa nak p lah... mentang-mentang memang dah ada kat Melaka kan... hehehe... Eh lupa pulak, ellfazira kalau nak join, ini lah masanya!!

Masa dapat information ni terus call Kay and terus meng'confirm'kan tentang kewujudan wedding fair. aku bukan apa. tak nak sejarah berulang kembali je... hehehe

one more thing. club 1.1.11 telah bertambah ye rakan-rakan... so I am with great pleasure introducing Cik Hanisa... Another bride to be who will be sharing the same wedding date as me, Cik Lynda and Cik Bunga Kristal.

wee huuu...

So all Melaka b2b out there... Lets go to Wedding Fair kat Melaka Mall 20th till 25th July 2010!!!

In case you dont know where the hell is Melaka Mall :D there's the clue. kuikui

The wedding fair according to a vendor, starts probably around 10am until 10.30pm tapi dia kata tu weekend. kalau weekdays, nnti kalau i g nanti i tanyakan... hihi...

b2b yang not in Melaka but planning to go for this wedding fair you can google up melaka mall :D saya pakai PC UiTM and ianya sangat lembap... wish could be more helpful...

That's all... Enjoy the rest of ur tuesday uols!! I know I will... XOXO

*mode gedik: ON*

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What is STD?

As I were reading Cik Belle post on Save the date... I cannot help but wonder... what's the differences between Save the date and wedding invitations.

So I googled, and according to Wikipedia A save the date notice is an item stating the date of a wedding or other formal event. It typically states the date when a couple plans to marry, so that recipients will know to keep that date free.

Save the dates usually take the form of a card, but can also be a refrigerator magnet or similar item. They are generally sent out at least six to twelve months before the wedding date, and are usually followed by a formal wedding invitation.

While save the date started as a wedding-related custom, it is now used by individuals, businesses, and organizations to announce the date of any formal event, ranging from wedding anniversaries to grand opening ceremonies for office buildings.

So, I should have posted out my Save the date NOW since our wedding is:

Huahaha... BUT Gambar pon takda! Throughout our almost 4 years of being in a relationship, we have less than 10 pics together. So nak guna gambar mana-mana pon mana nak cekau?

We are still considering of doing the Save the date, in printing lah i meant. Semua itu $$$$ lagi kan? hehehe... Kalau semua sedara mara reti on9 sonang...

Even if we are to do it, maybe bulan august baru distribute. MAYBE. or tag kat FB je. For friends and family celik IT je lah nampak nya!

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Natural, No-Makeup Look

Since Nikah is like religious ritual, i thought i wanna go for natural, no makeup look. I don't want any eye shadow. Except if it's nude. Can I do that? I thought I don't want any make up at all. But I don’t have my sister's great, flawless complexion. So there will be concealer involves. teehee...

I am no expert, never been to any make up tutorial before unlike Cik Kay yang expert... kuikui...Anyway, since I am not proficient in this topic , I thought maybe my MUA will know what to do kan? So, I will be leaving it to the professional...

I actually prefer natural look for all reception as well, as a friend of mine said, I hope you won’t be looking like someone other than yourself yeah? Point taken dear... :D So... I like this look *Pic Below*

Pheww... She looks like my another sister

Fyi, I have 5 younger sisters whom which are all prettier than me. HONEST! Or something like this… RED lips… Yummy… macam Courtney Love kan… huhu

Not forgetting... How to make small eyes bigger and brighter taken from here

The main idea would be to use bright colors around the eyes and never use dark eyeliner on the bottom lid, as this make them look smaller.
Many makeup artists use white or beige eyeliner on the waterline - this is a must-have in your makeup kit if you're blessed with smaller eyes or great to open up the eyes when creating a smokey eye makeup with darker colors!

You can still use eyeliner on the entire top lash line and extend the line slightly at the corners of the eye.
Neutral eye shadows are your best friend; keep it simple, use only two shades at a time with just a hint of black for lining. This way, you'll make them look larger but still accentuate their shape.

Eyelashes are great for opening eyes and make them stand out more.
Curl lashes first, then apply mascara, concentrating in the middle and outer corners using upward strokes.
Also, pay attention to your eyebrows - if you have them thick and close together they will only make your eyes look smaller and closer. Try to tweeze them a little further out than you might normally, about an eye length if you can.

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Love at first sight

Hello peeps.

A sneak peak of inspirations idea for today, will elaborate more, later part of this post.

Now, I'm enjoying a breather from classes doing house chores. My apartment is a mess. All cause by my mischievous children, they are driving me insane. Poor Oren.

She’s adopted. My children seem to hate her for no reason. It’s been months now since she joins our little family. Tapir, Cici, Goku, Goten, Puppy and now Gohan seems to enjoy hounding her. She is like a little Miss kitchenella. She is most of the time shivering under the kitchen cabinet.

I cannot bear to see her misery, I know she is happy here with me but the other kids just can’t get along with her and she needs to go. I hate to let her go. But I had too. So, if anybody interested in adopting this little angle. Let me know.

Zuhair Murad is a Lebanese fashion designer. The first time I laid my eyes on his design, I knew I had fallen in love with him. I love almost every piece of his design. They are intriguing yet very demure.

I need to make up my mind on the dresses before I go meet up my designer *which still unavailable* so here’s some of his collection…




Have you fell in love yet?

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Habib Renovation Clearance

Hello sweet bloggers.

Those who still looking for wedding bands or engagement ring... head on to Habib Renovation Clearance in Ampang.

Discount Up to 70% + 10% Off and RM15 off per gramme on selected 916 Gold + 15% Purchase back rates

1 July : Preview 12 Noon – 4pm
2 July : Midnight Sale 8pm-12am
3 July : Auction @ Elite Room Level 2, 2pm – 5pm
4 July : All Must Go! More than 10,000 pcs Jewellery to be cleared
Tel: 603 4252 7777

2nd July 2010 till 4th July 2010

Habib Ampang Point, 106 Jalan Mamanda 2, Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia

Saya maybe pergi ngan BFF saya. Cik Noorafidahwati. since ampang point tu macam second home dia kan... hohoho

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