You reap what you sow ✿

Happy news...

I weight myself this morning and I am now 3kg lighter. I started out 65kg. After 3 session with my trainer I lose 2kg. Without him I lose another 3kg. So, Altogether I lose 5kgs in 2months. Actually I targeted more... tapi apa nak buat, makan tak jaga, exercise routine selalu escaped.

You reap what you sow

Many of u must already know... I have long decided who my videographer is... I am yet to make decision on my photographer...

Tapi I have shortlisted them

1. Malaynea (Based in Melaka)

Photo Credit

2. Heroes Photowork (Based in Batu Pahat)

Photo Credit

3. Made By Epik

Photo Credit

I am VERY VERY VERY much interested in the last one. If we decided to hire them... They will be shooting for all the events.

1. Pre wedding shoot (we, my fiance and I, both mutually agreed upon this) haha
2. Nikah
3. Same day reception
4. The next day reception
5. Groom's reception
6. Post wedding shoot (in the quotation, there's 2 session but I'll reconfirm)

I've met Malaynea, they gave a VERY good price. I am yet to receive quotation from Heroes Photowork because Mohd Razali is on vacation.

As for Made by Epik, I'll probably go and meet him today. or tomorrow.

Can't wait

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29 Responses to You reap what you sow ✿

  1. Nadia says:

    heehee..tahniah brjaya turun ur weight k..i xmau mkn nasi start 2day..lg 2bln lbiy nk kawen..

  2. ZARA says:

    Nadia: betul2 betul... elak all types of carbs except fruits and vege lah...

    I've long gave sweet drinks up... i minum plain water je sekarang... dah lebih setengah tahun kot...

    air paling manis pon fruit juice without sugar :)

  3. wow congrats... i susah nak diet sebab jenis kuat makan hehehe

  4. ZARA says:

    tenkiu, tenkiu...

    i pon kuat makan :) still kuat makan... trainer suruh makan 5x sehari :)

  5. Yanie says:

    Babe.... i sooo love the last one... Their pics are just awesome i must say. Wonder how yours are gonna be...mmmmphh.

  6. waaahhh dah byk kilo u hilang..masuk gym eh?

  7. masmOna says:

    congrats babe berjaya menuju ke alam kurus :) i pun kene gigih jugak pasni wuuu -_-

    i vote for the last one! MadeByEpik tu cantek lah.

  8. kay kamal says:

    wow great! nmpk zara yg makin hot this weekend!

    smlm i g J-card mmber sale..pastu i bli jeans...and my jeans size dropped another 1 inch! yeay!

  9. Durruz says:

    so, who is the lucky one?


  10. masha Allah! lawa nyer gmbr..gud choice zara!

  11. ZARA says:

    Yanie: kan kan? me too...

    Farah Fatihah: tak masuk gym. trainer datang rumah sbb my mum nak exercise kat rumah.

  12. ZARA says:

    Masmona: thanks dear. hati i pon mmg dah kenan yang last one... harap dapat hire dia. Amin.

    Kay: Yeayyy to u to dear!!! marilah kita bersama gigih ke alam skinny :) hehehe

  13. ZARA says:

    Durruz: Hopefully the last one!!!

    MissButterfly: Thanks dear!!!! I pon rasa gambar dia lawa :)

  14. Durruz says:


    drop by to give u my emel..

    btw, the last one tu memang..memang..sememangnyee cun kan gambar die..

    tapi fly akan buat wedding until mid of nxt yr je kan. huu..sedih plak..

  15. sumpit says:

    hey u,
    i'm hiring the epikt guys for my nikah n reception. Hope all goes well for you too (regardless of whom you choose :) )

    btw, kata dah survey videographer. care to share?

    my email is as follows:

    Thanks, babe ;)

  16. ZARA says:

    sumpit and durruz: SENT!!!!! :)

  17. iedayah says:

    ai zara...salam kenal..congrates dpt trunkn brt bdn..byk juga dpt trunkan tu..

  18. ZARA says:

    iedayah: thank u thank thank u

  19. babe, mohd razali is my fren's hubby. i pon suke pics die, sangat cantek angle die. but from all the list, i love those thr33. cantek bgt semuanye!

  20. ZARA says:

    lynda: i pon suka.... dia baru email quotation tadi... dah start gundah gelana dah ni!

  21. wow.. banyak tu..
    ann punya berat tak turun2.. naik mendadak lagi adelah..
    mana taknya.. tak boleh berhenti mengunyah..
    camne zara boleh kurang banyak sampai camtu?
    ann baca enrty zara ni tetibe je bersemangat ann nak diet balik...

  22. All the best for your wedding preps zara. I like the last photographer too. his style looks more young. Oh n don't forget to ask your event decorator to prepare the cake cutting table tau.I experienced that last week at putri's wedding ;) table too big for cake. heh. but everything else is beautiful.

  23. ZARA says:

    Ann: saya tak makan all types of refine carbs like nasik, pasta, biihun, roti dan seangkatan dengan nya. huhu.

    Ayan: it seems that we'll be hiring fadza as Ikmal Ibrahim recommended. So there goes everyone else. hehe. As for your advice, i am much appreciated. I will add that to my must remember things. hihi. btw, i'll probably go to fadhil's reception this weekend :)

  24. nuptiles says:

    hi zara,

    care to share quo u dapt from madee by epik la gambarnya..

  25. ZARA says:

    nuptiles: salah email rupanya. i email u rafidelic. jap. sat g i email u...

    dah sent.

    their pics are totally incredible. mind blowing beautiful!

    tapi they were a bit out of my budget. as i already spent so much on videographer.

  26. Vee Lara says:

    hi zara..plz share wit me the quotation tht made by epik sent to you..really2 need it..:)

  27. Vee Lara says:

    hi zara..plz share wit me the quotation tht made by epik sent to you..really2 need it..:)

  28. Vee Lara says:

    hi zara..plz share wit me the quotation tht made by epik sent to you..really2 need it..:)