White corner deco hand bouquet Bridesmaids and bride cupcake Christian Loubotin Wedding Dresses Pelamin

Venue: Sungai Petai ☀My house☀
Date: 01.01.2011
Time: 10 am ☀Good Luck☀
Color theme: White, Pink

ܤ1 Hire Makeup Artist »»Salima Melaka
ܤ2 Baju Nikah »» Done☻!
ܤ3 Pelamin
ܤ4 Hire Caterer »» Done☻!
ܤ5 Menu majlis Nikah
ܤ6 Doorgift
ܤ7 Photographer »»Rafidelic
ܤ8 Videographer »»LHmediaTV
ܤ9 Pengapit (M/F) »»Ami Royani and Rosman Ariffin
ܤ10 Pengapit's dress (M/F) »»Bought material, to be given to them for tailoring
ܤ11 Family members' dress »» Done☻!
ܤ12 Inai »»Sendiri!

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6 Responses to ✿Nikah✿

  1. suke kaler yg Zara pilih.. semuanya soft..
    love pastel color so much...

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ann: nak color yang popped tapi takut tak sesuai...

  3. zara, that videographer of yours tuh mahal tak? am still looking for not expensive but good videographer. hurm...

  4. ZARA says:

    have i email u the quotation? u want? i can email to u ;) along w other videographer's quotation... just drop ur email here. or email me at azara.nur@gmail.com

  5. Hi babe. Can I use your checklist as my checklist too? Bcoz its so simple and I love it

  6. ZARA says:

    Ainee: sure dear, i pon amek dr zla's blog but i ada edit sikit kot.