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You reap what you sow ✿

Happy news...

I weight myself this morning and I am now 3kg lighter. I started out 65kg. After 3 session with my trainer I lose 2kg. Without him I lose another 3kg. So, Altogether I lose 5kgs in 2months. Actually I targeted more... tapi apa nak buat, makan tak jaga, exercise routine selalu escaped.

You reap what you sow

Many of u must already know... I have long decided who my videographer is... I am yet to make decision on my photographer...

Tapi I have shortlisted them

1. Malaynea (Based in Melaka)

Photo Credit

2. Heroes Photowork (Based in Batu Pahat)

Photo Credit

3. Made By Epik

Photo Credit

I am VERY VERY VERY much interested in the last one. If we decided to hire them... They will be shooting for all the events.

1. Pre wedding shoot (we, my fiance and I, both mutually agreed upon this) haha
2. Nikah
3. Same day reception
4. The next day reception
5. Groom's reception
6. Post wedding shoot (in the quotation, there's 2 session but I'll reconfirm)

I've met Malaynea, they gave a VERY good price. I am yet to receive quotation from Heroes Photowork because Mohd Razali is on vacation.

As for Made by Epik, I'll probably go and meet him today. or tomorrow.

Can't wait

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Melaka Wedding Fair

I met Kay Kamal and Lukman her fiance tadi... dekat supposedly a Melaka Wedding Fair. Sangat sedih... Kesian Kay yang tunggu aku... Cik Noh and Angah decide nak datang pulak pagi tadi so... aku pon buat air segala... u know lah my sisters are all kan bangun tengah hari...

Anyway... disebabkan memory card yang Abah campak ntah mana... phone memory aku dah full... so the only pic i took is the banner we saw kat tapak fair tu...

I call the num on the banner... nama dia En. Sheikh (betul kot nama dia ni)... Dia kata mmg sepatutnya ada wedding fair ni tapi organiser cancel...

Yang bengang nya... apa kata call up CDQA Media bagitau yang korang cancel???? sengal betol... both Bridal Guide and Ratu Sehari ada publish about this wedding fair... Bukan nya susah kot... a phone call away je...

Anyway... sebagai denda aku lambat jumpa Kay tadi, aku akan belanja dia makan Dim Sum next next week... YUMMY....

As for the rest of B2B dari Melaka or nak pergi Melaka Wedding Fair tu.... TOK SAH!!

Lupakan je.... OK?

Have a nice weekend everyone!!!

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I never actually made a post about his family coming over for merisik. I thought I had, but can't seem to find it. All i have is a little bit about before they came and after.

Wedding preparations had to be put on hold as colossal amount of money are injected into sand mining project in Kampar. We are doing it legally, and the dockets are costly. Seriously.

What had been done so far is what I had crossed out at my checklist. Videographer, catering for the second reception and MUA. I know, SIKIT… I'm hoping to get photographer by end of this month. Kamal (one of my mom’s cleaning staff) is cleaning the junk in our house little by little, hopefully by August everything is clear.

My mom is trying to attract Landscape Designer as a friend using the Law of Attraction. Amin. I hope she’ll get it soon. Ikmal is still struggle on finding time to finish our wedding invitation design. I hope it can be finalize before July. Amin.

That’s all for the wedding prep. I think. Lets move on to the merisik pictures…




They eat


He came with his ugliest shirt


That's me being clueless of what to do and where to sit. His mom is in green, nenek dia wearing blue tudung. yellow tudung is my MakLong

You can go and meet his mom kat UiTM Faculty of Dentistry. She's a dentist there. hahaha.


From Left: MakNgah, MakLong, Mama


My one and only brother, AMAR: now hitam sebab jadi buruh kasar kat Kampar and PakLong


From Left: My baby sis Amiza, Atiza with our cousin's son, my cousin Yoyoi (not the baby's mother) and Afi, Amiza's good friend




His grandmother and me *awkward*


Its done.
From Left: Abah, PakLong, Ikmal's Dad, Tok MdNor

After all that boring adult thingy... we went to Dataran Pahlawan with our Baju Kurung


From Left: Yoyoi, my baby sis Anisah, me, najla another good friend of Amiza, Aizat (Najla's BF), my baby sis Amiza and Afi. Atiza took this Pic


aaahhhhh... the wind...




more cam-whoring... hihihi

It was a fun day...


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