An Old Flame

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cheesy tak. huhu.

He was my one and only love of my life. We were suppose to get married and have plenty of kids. He's very kind hearted, very tall. Most importantly he loves his family.

It was my 22nd Birthday rasanya. We went MNG. spent hundreds. Birthday present he says. Yeayyy. Then off he goes to Langkawi for a shoot. He left me few hundreds ringgit more to spent. I was so happy.

He called everyday for the first month he was there. Then the calls were lesser and lesser and soon he didn't call at all. SMS were not replied. I was devastated.

After 3 month in Langkawi. He came back. We met. And he told me he already found his TRUE LOVE.


I begged him to be with me, he was after-all my best friend *what a HUGE mistake it was* Buat malu kaum perempuan.

Anyway, I have to admit my studies are a bit kacau bilau. Sampai a lecturer notice. She gave me an advice that eventually lead me to my current flame.

She took a white paper and draw a black dot. She ask me. What do u see? I said, I see a black dot. Well, she said. That ugly black dot is that stupid guy who left u. what u don't see are all the other white dots surrounding it, representing all the handsome single guys out there.

So true. Then she told me to pray and ask guidance from God. I said I did. So she ask, what is ur prayer? My prayer was that I want God to give him back to me. or show him no mercy. Well not exactly a good one. So my lecturer said, God always grant wishes of people who are victimized. and the prayer should be a good one. not asking bad things to happen to others.

So she ask me to change my prayer. Ask God to give me strength to face this obstacle and ask God to lead me to a person who is much much better than my old flame.

2 weeks later. I found him :) in MYSPACE. We chat for a while. *lama gak sebulan gitewww*

Then we met for the first time kat Petronas USJ14. Around 10.30pm 31st December 2006. We went to Asia Cafe, SS15. Didn't feel the chemistry yet. Mom asked him to send me back by 12am so he did. We waited for my mom to come back from OU in his car. Thats when the sparks sets in. *setan kot* It was exactly during the fireworks, that I accidentally says that I like him.

Throughout our journey together, he *my current, future to be husband* make me realized that he is my match. We compliment each other. He is after all my prayer. He's been very patient with me.

There's one time. I was watching P/S I love you. Then I started crying. Sebab teringat my EX. Instead of furious with me and all. he hugged me and said, do u know that to forget a person completely needs the same amount of time you know him. So if you had been in a relationship with him for 3 1/2 years, then you need 3 1/2 years to completely forgets him.

Its been around 3 1/2 years pon. I put myself to a test. Bukak FB my EX. Found out his single. Haha. Ok. not tempted :p

Scolled down for older post, owh... that GF he left me for left him. Ouch.

So. This post is to you. my EX. Life is a bliss. Hope you'll found YOUR TRUE LOVE as I have found mine :) Good Riddance!! *oopppsss* I meant, Goodbye and have a great life!

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29 Responses to An Old Flame

  1. Zara dearie.. We have quite a bit in common. I'm not going to mention here what it is. Perhaps one day I'll tell you.. ;)

    One of them is: Winder and me also had our first "date" as Asia Cafe.

  2. Anonymous says:

    aahhh. u just making me curious. ok. wont ask. some day :)

    First date asia cafe. wow. indeed in common. hehehehe. i used to love that place. we rarely go there now. because he likes to cook, *jimat duit* plus dia memang suka masak.

    no wonder lah i gain 20kg since the first time i met him. imagine. i really have to blame him. hahaha.

  3. kay kamal says:

    percaya tak i was teary-eyed reading this entry? ouh i dunno y..

    ur current man sounds perfect. NEVER let go such a gem

  4. wow...
    berat naik 20kg..betul2 bahgia tu..
    bestnya dapat bf yang memahami..
    both of u memang sepadan..
    sama cantik, sama hensem.

    opss.. ur EX dah single.

  5. nizabeba says:

    zara: u're a tough gurl..ur lecturer had gave u a very good advise..btol kan, it's better we pray for good things rather than bad ones..Allah loves u, & sent u & grant u a better person..hehe...happy for u!!

  6. @ty_farEd says:

    :) great life u have sekarang kan die.. with lovely bf... ur ex..? heheh..padan muke die kan.. ;p its juz satu fasa dalam hidup u.. untuk u jumper orang jauh lagi besh..!!

  7. D'lla says:

    wow..that's the strong..go with someone that appreciate u most :)
    the sun will shining brightly

    solat istiqarah jgn lupa gak..
    get ready 4 da wedding :)

  8. Moose says:

    zara, i like the advice given by your lecture. cam ala2 bace forwarded email. hiks.

    i read somewhere, sometimes God made us meet the wrong person in order for us to meet the right one.

    and i think it's true.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Kay: probably bcos u saw p/s i love u or read the book? hehe. Ikmal is not perfect lah Kay. dia ada big ears, gigi sepah, pendek :) hahaha. but he's indeed perfect to me :D

    Ann: Yes 20kg. ni tgh nak mampos shedding all 20kg. u should try his pasta of any kind. aahhh... i miss it. he stopped cooking anything carbs. takut i marah. haha.

    nizabeba: thanks u thank u thank u

    @ty: hehehe. thanks dear. i dah puas cakap padan muka semalam. habis semua orang i cite. semua gelak je.

    Dilla: :) Insya-Allah. I am excited about preapring for the wedding. hehehe.

    Moose: Forwarded emails? hahaha. Tukar email dah sepuluh kali to avoid that. hehehe.

    Heard that before. Thanks dear. It is true :)

  10. hi blog u yg official ek..yg lgi satu tu? huhu konpius jap LOL

  11. Queen W says:

    haha..gud one!there u go girl!^_^

  12. Anonymous says:

    Farah Fatihah: blog ni untuk cerita kahwin kahwin. hehehe. blog lagi satu tu cerita kucing. hehehe. kang meluat pulak orang kejap kucing kucing kucing. at least kat sini semua orang cerita kawen. hehehe.

    Queen W: Power puff girl!!!! Thanks :D

  13. Zainur says:

    First sekali saya suka lecturer tu. Sangat supportive and perihatin kpd student beliau. Saya cuba utk mencontohi lect itu.

    Second, saya pun pernah melalui saat kecundang mcm awak. Banyak kali. Pulak tu during my final year. But I'm glad I tak terus tersungkur malah i dpt best student award lg utk thn tu... Utk mamat tu blh belah! Dia tinggalkan saya mcmtu aje dengan alasan saya terlalu baik utk dia...Bila fikir balik, owh I'm glad dia sedar diri...hihihi...

    Anyway, sekarang saya dah ketemu si dia yang sangat menyayangi saya. Saya rasa bahgia n bertuah. Sesungguhnya Allah tahu apa yg terbaik buat kita :)

    **opps terpjg lak komen ni ;)

  14. Anonymous says:

    zainur: thanks for sharing ur story dear. True True True and So true. Allah tahu apa yg terbaik buat kita.

  15. very well said, dear. Allah tahu apa yang terbaik buat kita. InsyaAllah. Saya doakan yang terbaik buat awak ek. neway, thanks for the advise u gave me in my blog. really appreciate it. :)

  16. Anonymous says:

    Thalhazlin: Well... u sounded like u need an advice and I love sharing :)

    Jangan susah hati ok? Take the loads off by going out with ur girl friends or whatever k?

    :D Have fun.

  17. Anonymous says:

    i pon pnah jd mcm tu. lost n down gile2.. doakan yg jahat2 n maybe kebetulan termakbul. heee.. padan muke dia! till now, dia single. yg penting, i'm not single!

    link u keh

  18. sumpit says:

    awwwww...such a sweet story (i mean the second part tu la)

    kinda hard for me to relate as i've never been in that kind of situation. Always had a problem with commitments, thus never had an ex.

    But i must agree about the setan bit. And in your case, looks like 'it' paved the way for your relationship to bloom hehehehe. Which makes me wonder... kalau dah kawin, setan kurang kaco, does tht mean we're gonna have to work harder to keep the flame burning?

  19. MY says:


    Yang pasal setem tue maybe you boleh refer kat cni..

    I hope it helps..

  20. Anonymous says:

    Faratul: God is great :)

  21. Anonymous says:

    Sumpit: My current relationship is by far the longest I've ever been in a relationship. Total full commitment relationship: TWO

    Quite a thought you have there. kui kui. Setan will still be there, this time nak suruh kita flirt ngan orang lain pulok.

    So. I think. YES. of course we have to work harder.

  22. Anonymous says:

    My: Cik. Thank you for the info. saya nak order nnti. kihkih.


  23. shada JD says:

    aku ingat lagi masa aku ketuk pintu umah kau..kau masuk umah aku cite pasal laki tu.time tu my ex pun smsed aku blablabla aku pun cite pasal kau tgh sedih.bape bulan pastu aku pulak jadi macam kau.hahaha.

    at least he told you why he left you.i was like blur je.dahlah tipu.and your ex is single kan?aku punya dah kawen.maybe bahagia kot ntah serious mcm rugi masa aku dgn dia.haha.but kita bertemu dgn yg salah utk bertemu dgn yg betul.
    so experience babe!experienceeeee!

    kau 3 and half years..aku one (and quarter) year pun susah nak lupakan..apatah lagi nak defend myself bagitau org bukan aku yg buat hal haha.sbb my ex tu mcm sopan santun tapi?hahaha.
    my current bf pernah caught me sending email to my bestfriend ckp aku tak boleh forget him,yg baru ni mcm tak boleh get along.sedih bf aku haha.lepas tu terus malas nak pikir.lagi-lagi lepas dpt MMS gambar dia bertunang, then kawen.
    i seriously believe in karma.cuma tatau masanya udah sampe atau nggak!hahaha.

    finally TBB,'ve met the right person (insyaAllah..amin!) and I've met a good guy too! (insyaAllah..amin!)

  24. dyn says:

    inspiring luv story..
    glad u found yours..

  25. Anonymous says:

    Shada: Owh my TBB... kita kan naseb ala-ala nak sama... aku gain weight kau pon. mmg kita tengah bahagia kan sekarang.


  26. Anonymous says:

    dyn: Thanks dear :) u have found urs as well kan? hehehe :)

  27. harzharun says:

    hi come across ur blog...pilih2 entry mn nak bc dulu, terus melekat kat entry ni....ermmm, God always have His secret rite?...whatever happen, there will be a reason....
    btw, i link u dear!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Harzharun: :D i dah link u as well :)

  29. Hi Zara. Suddenly i remember about my ex-which i left him because he found someone else. Susah gak nak lupa dulu, tp x benci die, so xsusah la nak lupa :)

    Tak sabar nak kawen... hehehe

    Kite pun suka cite p/s i love u :)