Ever After

I feel as if my skin is the only thing keeping me from going everywhere at once.

Siapa tau from which movie that line came from? Tak payah jawab. Biar aku jawab sendiri.

Ever After: A Cinderella story.

Call me lame or whatever. I don't care. :) This is the best movie ever for me. Pardon me for being girlish. I rarely do this :p *yeah right*

What is my wedding dream? Siapa nak teka?? TAK PAYAH! Biar aku jawab sendiri.

My Mom's Wedding.

Im still hoping that my mom's songket outfit from her wedding still ada. Hari tu geledah jumpa abah punya je. sob sob.

Henry: I kneel before you not as a prince, but as a man in love... But I would feel like a king if you, Danielle De Barbarac, would be my wife.

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13 Responses to Ever After

  1. masmOna says:

    muat lagi tak songket ur mom ngn ur size if u terjumpe balik?hiks

  2. Anonymous says:

    Masmona: mungkin tak. mak aku besar kerengga. aku besar gajah. huahahaha. tapi i cuba lah loose weight by then. hehehee

  3. masmOna says:

    ngehehehe :D sila gigih untuk loose weight!7 months and 4 weeks left nih.hihi. gud luck dear :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Masmona: Thank u thank u!!

  5. babe, the best songket to refer - uncle salikin *hehe* sbb songket die sume cantek2 belake (=

  6. suke jugak cerite tu. apart from The Note Book. ^_^

  7. Anonymous says:

    Lynda: TQ dear. nnti i g tgk.

    Squarecut Ring: Baru nak tgk the Note Book. My sis recommended. lame kan? haha

  8. yup cite lame. Tapi I suke! ^_* sgt sweet plus i love the vintage-y thingy dlam cite tu. sangat classy. ^_^

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  10. suke sangat citer Ever After..
    best :)
    custome dalam citer tu lawa-lawa.

  11. Anonymous says:

    ann: betul betul mmg fell in love ngan costume dia. hikhik

  12. I hapal banyakkkk dialog lam cite ni! Suke jugakkk!

  13. Anonymous says:

    girl friday: Best movie ever! i suka gile citer boleh tengok seribu kali without getting bored of it :)