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I'm in a quandary. Should I hire them or shouldn’t I? I’m certain of what I want. Am I? I’ve been watching mom’s wedding video since I was a kid. So, hiring a VERY GOOD videographer is top on my list.

What important to me is the memory. I want my children to see me on my wedding day, as if they were there. Tapi. Please. No romantic poses. Goosebumps babe!!! I cannot stand. Apa pulak kata anak-anak aku nanti tengok mak bapak dia ber kissing-kissing bagai. Muntah darah budak-budak tu. wuahaha.

Anyway. They quoted RM3500 for single event. I have 3. Nikah, reception on the same day and the next day. Tak ke mati aku? Not included outstation charges bagai ye? It will probably be around RM11-12k. Video saje babe!!!!


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20 Responses to Dilemma

  1. kay kamal says:

    i thk most talented videographers will hav harga like rm1500/event je.. mayb u shud check em out

    1) cstproduction.com
    2) jabbes production -http://jabbeproduction.blogspot.com
    3) wandet videography-http://wandetvideographer.blogspot.com
    4) http://mymoments.biz/v2/

    and i like their work..u shud try mayb... so far my frens yang amik ngn diorg pon kata puas ati

    best of luck!

  2. Azara says:

    Kay, yang quote me 35hundred/event is one of the videographer yang u listed tu lah. :(

  3. kay kamal says:

    hoh..yang mane satu?

  4. babe, thats too pricey for one event. eh eh byk lagi yg u boleh gune $$ tu tau.

    psst.... whats ur email?

  5. walaweh..blh bankrupt ni..mahal sgt. tp videographer sgt penting la..

  6. Azara says:

    Kay: The 1st one. They just emailed me and gave 10% discount if I take 2 events. Sigh. Love their work. Macam mana lah pulak nak persuade parents to take them.

    Lynda: tu lah. ni ha-->azara.nur@gmail.com

  7. kay kamal says:

    ya..i can mail u the quote the y gave me gak... tolong each other.hehe

    Persatuan Bride2B

  8. Anonymous says:

    Miss Butterfly: Tu lah. penting sangat for me. sob sob.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Kay: Love u so much lalink!!! hidup Persatuan Bride2B!!!!!

  10. alamak, i dh save ur mail.

    tapi i dah pm u @fesbok

    basically, the same topic HEHE =p

  11. Gulp..
    kena kumpul duit dari sekarang..

    hehhe.. adegan romantic simpan dalam elok-elok dalam peti besi ;)

  12. Anonymous says:

    ann: tak maknanya nak simpan duit manyak tu. cari lain ar!!!

  13. mleenzali says:

    dah book videographer ke? if u love cst video but over price u can take beehunt or mymomentz. sebab derang ni used to work with CST

  14. i ada received quote yang you mintak dr videographer(s.. dr durruz. you kan? i tak salah org kan?

    btw, i reviewed all their works and yang quality, rega pon smpai 3k++. have you find one now?

  15. ZARA says:

    mleenzali: dah book... amek LHMedia

    Purple Lady Aifa: tak salah orang :D yup... dah jumpa... i amek LHMedia...

  16. nuptiles says:

    zara, boleh tak u email me quo dari LHmedia...please..hehee.

  17. ZARA says:

    nuptiles: dah email ;)

  18. Vee Lara says:

    hi dear...nak gak quotation from LH Media...

    da try cari y best2,tp susah nk jupe ..