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Sorry uols dah lama tak blogwalking... jengah-jengah and terjah-terjah blog korang. I'm in Melaka and there's only 1 PC. Saya tak da laptop. Sebab Abah beli D80 for my 24th Birthday, 2 years ago. So sebab binatang tu mahal nak mampos masa tu, dia kata no more new things for me. Sob Sob.


Hari ni baru dapat melabuh buntut depan PC dengan amannya...

*dalam kereta otw to Jusco Melaka yang baru*

*on the phone with Ikmal*

Ikmal: Hong Kong Disneyland?

Me: Suka hati lah yang... Kenapa you tak nak g SuZhou?

Ikmal: Azara Nur, i nak g new zealand. You yang nak g SuZhou and You yang kata nak within budget lah bagai.

Me: Ok. So sekarang you nak g Hong Kong?

Ikmal: I tak tau lah Azara Nur. Suka hati u.

*letak telefon*

Me: Alamak merajuk pulak mamat ni.

Mama: Siapa?

Miza: Siapa lagi?

Me: Dia nak g New Zealand. Tapi Aza tak nak. Sebab taknak lari budget. Suggest g SuZhou macam tak agree. Then dia suggest g HongKong tapi bunyik cam terpaksa. Menyampah.

Mama: Ala za, sian dia... Penat dia kerja, biar lah dia nak g mana pon. You've been to so many places. Dia baru nak holiday. Give him a break.

Me: Ye lah tapi dah discuss hari tu nak within budget.

Mama: Yoyoi kan kata nak sponsor. Nanti ur siblings and me can top up also.

Me: Let me think first. SIGH.


*At Jusco Melaka yang baru*

Me: Mama, ok tak this ring for Ikmal?

Mama: Silver? are you out of your mind?

Miza: Kak, at least white gold kot.

Me: Lelaki tak leh pakai white gold lah.

Mama: Platinum then.

Me: So, tak yah beli lah silver ring ni?

Mama and Miza: NO!!!!

Me: Ok fine... cincin je kot. bukan nya Ikmal excited pon pasal nak pakai cincin ni. SIGH.


Moral of the story: When it comes to Ikmal, aku pasti kalah.

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An Old Flame

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cheesy tak. huhu.

He was my one and only love of my life. We were suppose to get married and have plenty of kids. He's very kind hearted, very tall. Most importantly he loves his family.

It was my 22nd Birthday rasanya. We went MNG. spent hundreds. Birthday present he says. Yeayyy. Then off he goes to Langkawi for a shoot. He left me few hundreds ringgit more to spent. I was so happy.

He called everyday for the first month he was there. Then the calls were lesser and lesser and soon he didn't call at all. SMS were not replied. I was devastated.

After 3 month in Langkawi. He came back. We met. And he told me he already found his TRUE LOVE.


I begged him to be with me, he was after-all my best friend *what a HUGE mistake it was* Buat malu kaum perempuan.

Anyway, I have to admit my studies are a bit kacau bilau. Sampai a lecturer notice. She gave me an advice that eventually lead me to my current flame.

She took a white paper and draw a black dot. She ask me. What do u see? I said, I see a black dot. Well, she said. That ugly black dot is that stupid guy who left u. what u don't see are all the other white dots surrounding it, representing all the handsome single guys out there.

So true. Then she told me to pray and ask guidance from God. I said I did. So she ask, what is ur prayer? My prayer was that I want God to give him back to me. or show him no mercy. Well not exactly a good one. So my lecturer said, God always grant wishes of people who are victimized. and the prayer should be a good one. not asking bad things to happen to others.

So she ask me to change my prayer. Ask God to give me strength to face this obstacle and ask God to lead me to a person who is much much better than my old flame.

2 weeks later. I found him :) in MYSPACE. We chat for a while. *lama gak sebulan gitewww*

Then we met for the first time kat Petronas USJ14. Around 10.30pm 31st December 2006. We went to Asia Cafe, SS15. Didn't feel the chemistry yet. Mom asked him to send me back by 12am so he did. We waited for my mom to come back from OU in his car. Thats when the sparks sets in. *setan kot* It was exactly during the fireworks, that I accidentally says that I like him.

Throughout our journey together, he *my current, future to be husband* make me realized that he is my match. We compliment each other. He is after all my prayer. He's been very patient with me.

There's one time. I was watching P/S I love you. Then I started crying. Sebab teringat my EX. Instead of furious with me and all. he hugged me and said, do u know that to forget a person completely needs the same amount of time you know him. So if you had been in a relationship with him for 3 1/2 years, then you need 3 1/2 years to completely forgets him.

Its been around 3 1/2 years pon. I put myself to a test. Bukak FB my EX. Found out his single. Haha. Ok. not tempted :p

Scolled down for older post, owh... that GF he left me for left him. Ouch.

So. This post is to you. my EX. Life is a bliss. Hope you'll found YOUR TRUE LOVE as I have found mine :) Good Riddance!! *oopppsss* I meant, Goodbye and have a great life!

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Our Song

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I remember the first time we met. We are in his car otw to Asia Cafe, SS15. Keluar lagu 'Stolen' Dashboard Confessional.

Dia nyanyi ngan penuh perasaan. I remember.


I'm forced by my mom to go to Kampar now. Melawat my dad dengan pasir dia. So. I'm going to listen to Dashboard Confessional.

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Thank u Kay Kamal for this award :) I don't actually know what to do with it.

But all i know is that i have to pass it to other bloggers kan? So here we go...

1) Hazlynda
2) Sarah Abd Rahim
3) Leonora Halim
4) Masmona
5) Rose
6) Yanie
7) Miss Butterfly
8) SCR
9) MrsEngineer
10) Aim

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Ever After

I feel as if my skin is the only thing keeping me from going everywhere at once.

Siapa tau from which movie that line came from? Tak payah jawab. Biar aku jawab sendiri.

Ever After: A Cinderella story.

Call me lame or whatever. I don't care. :) This is the best movie ever for me. Pardon me for being girlish. I rarely do this :p *yeah right*

What is my wedding dream? Siapa nak teka?? TAK PAYAH! Biar aku jawab sendiri.

My Mom's Wedding.

Im still hoping that my mom's songket outfit from her wedding still ada. Hari tu geledah jumpa abah punya je. sob sob.

Henry: I kneel before you not as a prince, but as a man in love... But I would feel like a king if you, Danielle De Barbarac, would be my wife.

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I'm in a quandary. Should I hire them or shouldn’t I? I’m certain of what I want. Am I? I’ve been watching mom’s wedding video since I was a kid. So, hiring a VERY GOOD videographer is top on my list.

What important to me is the memory. I want my children to see me on my wedding day, as if they were there. Tapi. Please. No romantic poses. Goosebumps babe!!! I cannot stand. Apa pulak kata anak-anak aku nanti tengok mak bapak dia ber kissing-kissing bagai. Muntah darah budak-budak tu. wuahaha.

Anyway. They quoted RM3500 for single event. I have 3. Nikah, reception on the same day and the next day. Tak ke mati aku? Not included outstation charges bagai ye? It will probably be around RM11-12k. Video saje babe!!!!


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