My own Mary Fiore

Turns out kan... Ada volunteer!!! My mom's best friend is doing the planning and coordinating of my wedding. She is Ritta Ramli a.k.a Aunty Ritta. This is info got from my mother lah. Patut pergi jumpa Aunty Ritta kat OU semalam. Tapi aku dok sebuk mencantek kan blog...

Anyway, Aunty Ritta is PR in NTV7. She has experience in event management. Dia juga dulu Awie punya manager. Anyway. I have to loose weight fast. Cause Aunty Ritta kata go Bandung and do everything there, Baju Nikah, Evening reception and Night Reception.

Matlamat ku:
Berat: 45kg
Sekarang: 65kg

Mak datok!!

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10 Responses to My own Mary Fiore

  1. babe, comment tiade kene mengene ngan entry *hehe* i baru realize that we're gonna shae the same anniversary *yeay* hugs. happy preps babe!

  2. nur says:

    woah...20kg to lose. all the best.8 mth to go, insyaAllah boleh ;)

  3. hi zara.... makacih singgah my blog.. :)

  4. Aza:) hehe..have fun yaaa in ur journey!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Lynda: Hehe. 1st jan kan... huhu... happr preps to u too.

  6. Anonymous says:

    nur: yes 20kg. kena avoid carbs lah 8 bulan ni. uwaaa...

  7. Anonymous says:

    Leonora: welcome... enjoyed reading ur blog...

  8. Anonymous says:

    Arina: wah. mentang-mentang dah settle ye... memang nak cuba lift up the fun lah ni...

  9. Zara!! I love the new layout!! =D

    Don't worry about the weight too much. I was worried too. But with all the stress planning the wedding, i makan punya makan pun my berat badan jatuh.. Stress is a natural cause of weight-loss hehe.. ;)

  10. Anonymous says:

    Sarah: Thanks dear!

    Already started calling fitness first. Should start exercising soon. Stress+exercise=kurus lagi cepat. boleh? hehe