Gendang Gendut

I lost few inches on my waist. But berat ku masih sama.wuahaha. I am most concern about my waist. I blame it all on Atkins. En Atkins. You really do me wrong u know. I lost my lovely ass doing Atkins diet. Sob sob.

Already started eating healthy. No white rice. Only brown rice. However, I do at times craves for Nasi lomak. huhu.

On to the next step towards healthier life. EXERCISE. I use to be a member of Fitness first. Well, for the first 3 month, I pay the monthly fee without going to the gym. Then, after dibambu sama tuan empunya duit. Pegi lah jugak. Tapi, its quiet boring actually to be exercising alone. So, lepas2 tu, tak pergi dah.

Suddenly, a new light appears.


Fitness First Platinum. weeheehee... Boleh kah? I mean, I already lari from FF hari tu, u think they allow me to join balik tak? Alahai. En Fitness... tolong lah. I nak swimming in ur infinity-edge swimming pool. hiks. I bayar pakai credit card. U potong automatically lah the fees. hehe.

You may think of my decision to join FF is ridiculous, whatsoever. But the thing is a friend of mine will be joining back FF as well. So I will soon have exercise partner.

Tambahan pula, cuti semester sudah hampir bermula. kuengkueng. 2 months beb. Biggest loser lah nampak nya hamba 2 bulan nnti. Aja aja Azara Nur!!!

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