Change of plan

Naseb ada Aunty Ritta. Mom, Ikmal and me went to Hartamas jumpa Aunty Ritta. She advise to not do the evening reception as takut diorang linger sampai malam punya reception. So my nikah would be 10am 1st Jan, family and friends only night reception on the same day. Mama kata this night reception is for cool, open minded people only. Because its a 'mat saleh' style punya reception. huahaha.

For the night reception, I told mama I don't want to call it as garden wedding as it is too common. Everybody wanted a garden wedding. So I may call it something else. Front-yard ke? For the night reception, the dress code would be semi-formal. So you can wear evening dress etc. just avoid baju kurung...


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I know how my dress would be for that night, tapi nak match that dress with Ikmal's attire. Susah sikit. My dress would be medieval princess look, sebab i am obsess with medieval era punya movies. suka sangat tengok their costumes.

Yang Malay reception would be on the following day. Khas untuk orang kampung Sungai Petai, kawan-kawan UMNO mama dan lain-lain yang kitorang rasa tak boleh accept the 'mat saleh' reception.

That's for now. There will be another meet up somewhere next week to finalize everything. This meet up includes all working committee of this event. Adik-adik ku, aunt, cousins. teehee.

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2 Responses to Change of plan

  1. ElyaElmo says:

    best nye...u tempah kee nanti baju tu??

  2. Anonymous says:

    Elya: Rasanya. Yes. Tapi tak deceide mana lagi...